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Concerning Asian Women: What is the Sweet Spot? I Mean, what is your Favorite Age? Do you not think that 40 is Sweetest?

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10 minutes ago, AwwYesNice1 said:

Yummy, 43 rd olds with streetch marks and saggy bobs.

No way.


The 40-year-old women I have known, at least in Asia, were tight, not saggy.


Some had boobjobs, but not most.


They were the very best.


Regarding saggy bobs, in East Asia, this very rarely occurs.


In my opinion, age 40 is the best.

No need to talk lovey-dovey.


Just sink in and swim.


There is no question:  Age 40 is what all men, young and old, should be looking for.

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I must agree. You gotta go for the slightly older ones, 40 and up. Being raised in that generation they suffer from far less of the ills of the current one. Less self-centered, less narcissitic, warmer, sweeter, most of which stems from less reliance on and obsession with technology, and its superficial qualities. Then comes the benefits of the age itself, more maturity, more tolerance and patience, and a great added bonus, a higher libido.


When I first got here, like most guys the smaller head was pointing me around, and I went for the young ones in their 20's. Sure, they look good. But when the time comes for intimate relations, they're mostly bothered and annoyed by, and want it over with. Then it's back on their phones and that instant gratification. Then between these sessions come the immature little arguments, the whining, the complaining, dissatisfied with the unfortunate shortcomings real life has to offer.


They want money and attention thrown at them as this is what they've become accustomed to. This begins as early as M1 (7th grade), as I've noticed among my students the more attention the more attractive ones get, and how it immediately goes to their heads. This has always been a problem, now exacerbated by social media. Imagine years of this until they become adults, and the psychological effect this has. I've heard the tales of guys who end up with long term relationships with these. Eventually the intimacy and even most communication disappears. They wind up becoming expensive decoration.


I then turned to the older ladies, the ones who often go neglected. Both farangs as well as Thai men tend to overlook them. Man, if I had tried them from the start, I could've had a much better time, as I had wasted much time and money otherwise. Avoid the stunners, look for the diamonds in the rough, the demure ones who don't mind not being the center of attention. She'll be fortunate to have avoided the aforementioned ills for most of her life, growing up in different times. She had to struggle more and has been humbled by it. She'll be more appreciative of what you have to offer, with more reasonable expectations, and much less entitlement.

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1 hour ago, GammaGlobulin said:



Regarding saggy bobs, in East Asia, this very rarely occurs.

You need to get out more....

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2 hours ago, GammaGlobulin said:

Now look. What I am saying is that a woman of 40 can easily have a body of a woman of a much younger age.  And, her skin is almost the same. Most importantly, she responds even more quickly than you might imagine, with just the touch of your finger.  I think you know what I mean.  Think springtime.

You've either been smoking something or you've never been with a woman under 40.

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Most of the women I met here say all the same:

Once they hit around 37, they always say: "I am old lady".


Around 40, they know their time is running out.

Thai men do not want women of that age, also not as mia nois. If they are divorced of have children, no chance that a Thai man wants them.

Foreigners also look at the up to 35 year old ones.


The 40 and up ones know that they have to be fast. They compete with hundred of thousands of younger, good looking ones.
They will hit soon their menopause.

The ones who have not yet a child, their time is running out.


A few told me:

They prefer foreigners and possibly over 60's.
Why? Those men probably are financially more stable, probably have a property paid off, have a pension, probably do not want to "boom boom" too much and probably will stay loyal.

They do not care how you look or how old you are. "you have a big heart", that's what they say.


If they have the chance between a younger, good looking guy but no money and an old one, which can offer them and their "big" family support, guess which one they chose?


Their are many over40's on the market. Many have just given up hope to ever get a man and some are chasing men like crazy because they know the clock is ticking very loud.


A recently spoke with a well educated woman. She is a lawyer, working for the government.

She never had a boyfriend in her life. She focused on studying and after completing her law degree, she did a degree in accounting and management. Later started to work for the government. She saw a few of her family members getting divorced and always having trouble. This made her believe that it is better, staying single.

Now 42, she is starting to look for a partner.

At 42 and the "pandora box" never opened? I would give it a go, if she asks me very friendly.

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