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Name the top three countries you would want to move to if you left Thailand other than your home country

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2 hours ago, Banana7 said:

What about the women and weather? Cold winters! Women look nice but are young attractive women interested in older men?

Good question. The weather in winter is cold. Grim in the cities but beautiful in the countryside. The P4P is not cheap in Serbia and let's face it nowhere is as much fun as Thailand. The other two places have potential for P4P but I've not been there yet. Gypsies provide P4P services but seem a bit skanky the alternative being platinum blonde bombshells for ST / 150 Euros.

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Blimey, you are STILL beating this same drum??

The problem is, wherever you may go, there you are ! Geography doesnt always correct the issue.

Somewhere where all is red.    Somewhere where The East is Red.    Somewhere where concubines teeter-totter around on hobbled clubbed feet.    The clubbed feet of yestery

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On 10/5/2021 at 12:30 PM, BritManToo said:

Not at all, if my former wife hadn't divorced me I'd still be living in the UK and sleeping with a 63 year old woman.

As it's worked out, I'm living in the tropics with a woman half my age.

In an odd sort of way she did me a favour.

is that your wife now in your profile photo? she looks great

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On 10/20/2021 at 6:29 AM, gk10012001 said:

Given the recent COVID situation, Brazil might be a bit dicey, depending on where and how one lives there

I used to live in Ipatinga in MG state. Belo Horizonte might be OK. 

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7 minutes ago, VocalNeal said:

I used to live in Ipatinga in MG state. Belo Horizonte might be OK. 

Looks a nice place to be!  Spent a lot of time in Brasil, mainly in the South. Curitiba and Joinville especially pleasant. However, the friendliest place I found was Seabra in Bahia State. Fortunately, never needed any medical treatment anywhere so cannot comment. 

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