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When I lived in Jomtien it was one or the other.  Raining or stopped raining but all wet out then it's out for a run along Jomtien's beach road.  If it's dry out, then I get the road bike out and go for a bicycle ride.

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9 hours ago, DJ54 said:

Outside so Pim Pom can pee and a cigarette or 2 before the noise starts... ., get out the door,7 dogs 

running towards me while barking ( live in the countryside village)., 2 of the nephews we’ve had stay 

at our house seeing how loud they can talk before 07:00 am.. Their parents who work south have seen them @ 2 weeks .. never overnight in 2 years.. 


So the short how I start my day.., loud and annoying.. 

What the hell is Pim Pom and what is it smoking? The rest of your comment is so tragically true when I spend time in the wifes village.

Gotta luv it!

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23 hours ago, brucegoniners said:

With a BJ, but it rarely happens, lol

Add a G&T to it and the day is your friend

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