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Faulty streetlights have left residents in the dark in Vientiane.

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After street lights in numerous districts of Vientiane Capital went out, residents were left in the dark.

According to Lao Phattana, the capital's patchy street lighting systems have resulted in numerous places remaining dark at night, causing poor visibility and posing a risk to cars and pedestrians.


Residents have gone to social media to vent their frustrations, with many mentioning the part of Kamphengmeuang Road (T4) in Sisattanak District between Donkoi Village and Nonghai Village as being extremely gloomy at night.


At the same time, sections of Dongpaina Road in Sisattanak District, Sithong Road in Sikhottabong District, and Ban Hom Road in Hatsaifong District have been closed at night.


"At night, Dongpaina Road gets extremely dark, leading in numerous traffic accidents." We've also seen an increase in criminality in the region. One woman told the Laotian Times, "I hope officials would replace the street lights soon."


Despite the fact that Ban Hom Road in Hadsaifong District was only recently built, a homeowner claims that street lights had been down for a long time.


"I feel unsafe riding my motorcycle along this road in the evening because it is so dark." "I hope that authorities investigate this issue and find a solution as quickly as possible," he stated.


"Not only is there a problem with the street lighting; some traffic lights in the town are also broken, and some roads have been substantially damaged." Another individual expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, saying, "We expect to see improvements soon."


Last year, new streetlights were built along seven important routes in Vientiane Capital, with electricity connections for the new spotlights being run below.

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