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Health ministry unveils preliminary criteria for November 1 quarantine lifting

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Give it a break, we all know this. We must move on. You have to move on. The world is moving on. Or stay under your bed. 

Just because someone has been fully vaccinated does not mean they cannot catch and pass on the virus to others .

They will need to take an RT-PCR test upon arrival in Thailand and must spend the first night at an Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facility or an authorized hotel to wait for the test result.

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In the absence of any deadly new variants, the tourists aren't the problem. The trouble will start when they begin seriously lifting restrictions on social activities, like allowing bars to open again, which is pretty much a must if they want to attract a lot of people to spend a lot of money. Loss of inhibitions from drinking, together with shouting and singing in close proximity to others, possibly in an enclosed indoor space, and you have the perfect environment for the virus to spread. Now all those young(ish), fully vaccinated partygoers and staff may not be at much risk, but the vaccines don't stop them from transmitting the virus to unvacinated friends and family, resulting in rising cases of serious illness and, sooner or later, deaths from Covid. Prayut and Anutin are acting like executioners towards their own most vulnerable citizens, when it should be their top priority to protect them, but I guess there's no serious money to be made in that malarky so why bother, lol.

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