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O-A visa - Uploading Supporting Documents in E-Visa.

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Can someone simply explain the Step(s) you performed to upload multiple documents in Supporting Documents.


I have Bank Statement + Bank Guarantor to uploaded in Financial Evidence.

When I select the second document, it overlays the current.

There are no buttons on the app to choose files.


First Time: You click “Browse” select document to upload.

Second Time: Browse disappears. Click on Financial Evidence section. Select document to upload. Previous document is replaced/overlayed.


I am using the E-Visa app in Washington DC.


See my attachment (Below) for example of Financial Evidence Section layout.





banking info snipit.png

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The best way is to create a file with both images in it.

Many Thai government website only allow one file to be uploaded.

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Thanks Ubonjoe.

In a previous release of this e-visa app,  it did have "choose file" button to upload.


I'll highlight the 3 files together and do a "Microsoft Print to PDF" then Save as PDF.

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