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Over-stayers beware! BMW smart car comes for Brit who didn't renew his visa - blacklisted for 5 years

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No details on how it tracked down the overstayer?  Facial recognition?  Cell phone tracking?  Vaccine induced microchip?

5 years is not long enough. Persona Non Grata indefinately Theres zero excuse for absolutely anyone to be on overstay (and lets be generous) for more than 30 days unless hospitalised etc  

I'm quite surprised they did not make him re-enact the crime by overstaying another year, like every other person they parade about.

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Oh Mr Johnnie bobak how could you be so mean, now all the neighbor's cats and dogs will never more be seen,. Sorry, an old song from my childhood boy scout days just popped into my head .

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How can a person take such a risk?  There were plenty of ways to avoid this, and plenty of time to get things straightened out, COVID and lockdowns or not.  Just a horrible choice of risk vs. reward

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3 hours ago, RafPinto said:

They were tricked into buying this BMW.

One of the smart officers went into a dealership and saw a message on the screen.

He called ChaCha and said: Boss, this BMW can talk.

Order them NOW, we need them to track the illegal farangs down. Do it NOW.


AFAIK most of these vehicles are "donations" from manufacturer. :whistling: 

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