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Re-entry Permit at Jomtien - what copies required?

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Can someone tell me please which pages of the passport need to be copied to apply for a re-entry permit at Jomtien. 

Also do you only need 1 photo or is it 2?


I have a completed TM8.


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15 hours ago, The Hammer2021 said:

What is a re entry  permit? Is it similar to re entry visa? I always  get a multiple  when I do my yearly extension..but I leave it all to my agent

Lol you clearly have a multiple re entry permit. Its not a visa, nor is your yearly extension

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8 minutes ago, big dendrobenaes said:

it IS NOT A VISA....it is a paper that allows one to  re enter the kingdom......hence its NAME RE-entry permit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know ..... but it was a reply to The Hammer's quoting " re entry visa "


Please do not take my post out of context ..... 😉


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