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Thailand sets out seven conditions for foreign arrivals without quarantine

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7 hours ago, Swiss1960 said:

Clear as mud as always, when they issue new regulations... 

- what about the previous 100K and specifically mention of Covid inclusion?

- what about the in-country PCR test within 24 hours? Can tourists do it themselves?

- what about the "must be contactable", i.e. the 1-day quarantine?

- where to find the list of countries and how many times per day will they change it?


And what  about the 3 million baht medical insurance?  They are getting a little nearer clarity and hopefully with a little bit of modification in the coming months they will have an efficient and acceptable system that does not frighten away the Tourists!  Well done Thailand!

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I rather stay at home in November and observe what will happen and make my decision on December.

Thailand will lose out because of all the bureaucracy and requirements to enter. Why would travelers want all that seven point plan to enter after just spending a year locked up.   doub

Clear as mud as always, when they issue new regulations...  - what about the previous 100K and specifically mention of Covid inclusion? - what about the in-country PCR test within 24 hours?

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So if you are a Thai passport holder, like my daughter, does she have to have insurance and can she not just go direct to her home rather than a hotel. None of this is clear at all. It's now nearly November and it's no clearer now than it was a month ago. Forget having a high season. Pathetic and very sad for millions of Thais  

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6 hours ago, gk10012001 said:

so... no firm mention here of the Thai App thingy that was replacing the COE?  So just a general policy statement from the guy, but the mechanics kind of missing?

No mention of fit to fly letter, which was added the other day

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6 hours ago, steven100 said:

Aussie's shun Thailand by the thousand's ..........





Thousands of Australians book holidays as Fiji prepares for December 1 opening

Aussies have been yearning for an overseas holiday for two years – and one of the first places to open up is already being smashed with thousands of bookings.

Favourite island for Aussies to reopen

Island paradise hoping to be our new Bali

Epic trip Aussies are desperate to book

Aussies desperate for an overseas island getaway have jumped on their first opportunity to get away, flooding hotel and airline sites to book a Fiji holiday.

Fiji announced earlier this month it would be reopening its borders from December 1 to fully vaccinated Australians.

With other Aussie island favourites like Bali and Thailand still to confirm when they might welcome Australians back, thousands have embraced Fiji.

News.com.au understands a number of hotels have had seen their booking records broken over the past week, with one resort recording $60,000 worth of bookings in a single day.

Flights are also being snapped up, with only a handful of seats available on December dates.


Yeah 1 hotel alone got over 100k worth of bookings in 1 day 

Maybe fiji  is the new Aussie holiday destination? 


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7 hours ago, aussiexpat said:

Pretty easy to figure out the top 10 list to get no quarantine.


The already stated China, US, UK, Singapore and Germany are all on the list of top number of tourists pre-covid. The question is, which of these high tourist countries will miss out to make it a list of 10


I'm guessing the other five may likely be Japan, Russia, South Korea, India and Australia




I hope so, I’m returning from India on 13th November 

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1 hour ago, hioctane said:

Yes, you have to stay at a approved hotel. The whole point is to verify that you are negative before you are allowed out in Thailand.

Show will they transport you to your place along with the other 100k

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8 hours ago, bkk6060 said:

Not much detailed info at this point.  My belief is every person who enters the country in the future will be required to have some type of travel or other medical coverage.

Probably right there. They've been talking about compulsory health insurance for many years prior to COVID anyway.

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In order to download this app, you need your roaming activated. It will cost a arm and a leg to have it on for 2 weeks holiday and not everyone wants to buy a thai sim card and download something on their own phone.

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1 hour ago, DefaultName said:

I'm British and know several people who are champing at the bit to get over here

I think if I was in the UK I'd be looking at Spain rather than Thailand. Cheaper food and drink, decent weather, a two hour flight, no nonsense forms to fill in. But that's just me. I wonder what the draw is for them being so keen to get to Thailand.

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2 hours ago, Joe Mama said:

I have a house in Hua Hin...why do I need proof of a hotel reservation beyond the 1 day required in order to receive the results of the arrival RT-PCR Test?

You're a foreigner so you're not to be trusted.

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4 hours ago, hotchilli said:

As a comparison:

Sent message to a German friend on Monday wishing him happy B/day.

He replied yesterday:

Sorry for the slow reply, I'm lying in the sun on holiday in Croatia, the view from my apartment is amazing, sun is hot and the beer is cold.

Proof of vaccine required prior to boarding nothing else needed, on arrival no other restrictions.

Everything is open, go where you like when you like.
His wife is Thai with family over here, even she doesn't want to return under the present conditions

the cost is just ridiculous for a family.

They've booked 3-weeks holiday in Croatia [3-people] for the same cost as one coming here for 2 weeks.

Average daily temp in Croatia for October is 18 degrees.... was he lying in the sun under a blanket  cause thats way too cold to be desirable.

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9 hours ago, Gjk7777 said:

I would do the same, but seeing my daughter unhappy everyday because she misses me, I need to get out there ASAP..

I'm with you on that. My situation is the same. 

I'm planning to enter Thailand around March 2022, dependent on a few variables of course


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The UK has experienced 40,000 new cases a day for the past 8 days, many infected are people who have received 2 jabs!

On the plus side it appears that the vaccine is working as there are significantly fewer deaths.

Does Thailand really want these peoples money that bad?

This pandemic is going to drag on well into 2022 because understandably people want to get back to some normality and are ignoring advice and taking short cuts and jumping the gun.

Write this year off get things in place and open early next year.


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