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Building Costs in Thailand - Construction Costs of Houses

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Finally, a quality post promoting essential use of experienced ARCHITECT for Residence Design.

Unsure though why the post stops at Design & Cost ? Unless objective limited to getting a nice box set of Drawings & Quotes rather than a Finished House ?  


Surely Architect Use is Recommended for the Entire Process ?

Architect Evaluation & Selection - Custom Design or Modified Standard Design - Drawings- Specs - BOM - Priced Builder Bids- Bid Conditioning- Final Builder Bids- Bid Evaluation -Client Approval - Builder Selection- Construction Management - Stage Payments-Stage & Final Inspections. 


Normally here, its various versions of the “Managed Builder” ( non- Architect / friend of Headman type)  approach, promoted or bragged about, which all of us involved here, in even the smallest way, with thai builders, KNOW can only end in various kinds of multiple disasters, 


despite the incredible construction genius school of  “ I have built ten houses here without Architect with no problems”.Meaningless Claims, without Area / Size / Type/ Cost detail. Usually, these “houses” turn out to be small functional concrete boxes near the rice fields at 200-300k baht from the most rudimenatary Land Office Std. (Rural Cowpen) Designs. Complete waste of money, hell to reside in and probably never lived in except by the truly desperate.


You might get away with that “ normal” amateur approach IF you ARE actually a Const. Genius and happen to (luckily) select the “right Builder”, like an Experienced Developer does to cut costs having already worked with that Builder many times…typically even then leaving an extensive Defects List produced by the aggrieved cheated Buyer. the rest of us though might prefer a more professional structured sequence approach with Architect start & finish.

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Countries that are in a better recovery position then Thailand are seeing shortages and major inflation on construction materials/costs.   I bet Thailand will experience this at some point and building now could be much better then doing so in a year.

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First i don't need 'luxury', I have an 110 sqm single story, 2,600b per sqm + materials paid for COD. My builder has plenty of experience and knowledge, I viewed 6 houses he had already built + a resorts 10 bungalows.  

15 hours ago, Eagle60 said:

Best advice in my mind from experience, is to talk to a company who has been in business for years and knows the industry

Talking to a company proves naff all, go and LOOK at what they have built in the past, preferably the oldest ones. 🙄

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my wife and I are building a large 1 story home in Buriram. Builder is a Thai general contractor friend. Paid him 1/3,1/3, 1/3

Will be finished in 3 months. I have built 3 homes and a small commercial project IN Hawaii.

I would recommend him.

Always hearing stories from farangs over the years about how long the construction time is for their home?

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16 hours ago, Eagle60 said:

Best advice in my mind from experience, is to talk to a company who has been in business for years

oh really, I remember  a very  long thread about PD  House on another forum and the "quality"  of the work, Think it ended up abandoned.

Wouldnt trust anyone to build a house here except  myself and thats physically doing everything welding wiring block laying, door hanging, painting, roof. This is a cheap  house but cheap doesnt mean krap if done properly, Thai  block laying is  laughable I do my own


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One thing I never see specified is the use of waterproof  concrete, and its so cheap to add it to foundation work/floors Cpac   can add it  in for a  paltry sum.

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xjpsx: thats the way to do it ! 15 x 10 m pool is great but depending on function, I would suggest longer and narrower, 20 x 7.5 mtr , giving same size / cost as 15x 10. half shallow end 0.8 mtr , half deep end 1.5 mtr. Consider adding small square jetted Spa Pool at one end.My Salt Water Pool is 17 mtr with 2no. 2HP Hayward Pumps. Used for Daily HIIT Fin Swims & Family.

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4MyEgo: Excellent Post. Different Experiences. Some Parallels.

“It comes down to personal choice.”

YES. From “End User Does ALL” ( Rampant Rabbit) to “ Architect Does ALL ( My Preferred)

Note: my thai lady is Architect uni- educated with Practising Architect Friends).

“Buy Your Own Materials” a common recommendation BUT Specifications Required First,a Primary Architect Function.


“I agree that the area you build in will have a lot to do with pricing”

Phuket Land , Material & Build Costs typically High…..

“ if you engage an architect and a building company your costs will go up, you get what you pay for”

YES but you offload Project Stress/Responsibility but Retaining Overall Design, Build  & Cost Control.


“We built a house in Isaan 6 years ago at a cost of 6,000 baht a square meter, the house build was 256 square metres excluding the existing one bedroom bungalow which was 64 square metres, and we incorporated/added the bungalow into the main house, so the total area is now 320 square metres, i.e. 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge, kitchen/dining.” 


VERY Similar Profile to My House. Same Function & m2. Four Level Seaview Pool Villa. Semi Detached. Nine Unit Complex. Separate Apartment ( Ground Floor). So Two Lounges & Kitchens. Common Pool / Gardens / Caretaker.


“The bungalow was built in 2009 for 7,800 baht a square metre back then, different exchange rate and materials costs were higher.”


I bought Off Plan 2006 with Trusted Small Developer. Developer Managed Builder. Standard Design. No Architect. Plan was SELL at 50% Profit upon 2008 Build Completion. Build / Land Real Cost & Land Office Assessed Value 13k / m2 . Resale Value 40k/ m2. Half of “Branded” Nearby Similar Buildings.


“We didn't use an architect” Land Office Standard / Modified Design ?


“we saw a builder building other houses in the area over the years who was in high demand and I inspected each house at different stages, on completion, and a year or so after the owners moved in, asking if they had any problems with the dwellings or the builder through my wife as interpreter, and we got to see the finished product.”


No Such Experience. Out of Country. Other Buyers with Construction Knowledge conducted Continuous Inspection & Initiated Design - Build Defect Improvements at Developer Cost.


“We purchased all of the building materials on both the bungalow and the house”

Developer / Builder Scope (inc. Specifications)


“and paid the builder a negotiated price paid in 5 stages for the house”

YES, similar Stage Payments


“the bungalow was built by a different builder at the time as the builder who built our house wasn't available for 12 months at that time, however as we had the bungalow built, we decided that we would book in the builder in advance when we were ready to build the house as we were not in a rush and had the bungalow to live in” 


YES. Perfect Set Up for You & Myself.  Separate Apartment gave Rent House / Live Apt. Options or vice versa until SALE.Recovered Full Investment Costs Now after 13 years “stuck” with the place after 2008/9 Crash.By Renting or Living in the place Myself or later with Family.Grown to Really Love the Place. Common Fund Management worked out Great ( Lucky).Many Improvements Over the Years. Real Family Home. Very Profitable Vacation House Only Rental Pre- Covid.


“We were present when he built the house” Used Proxy Buyer Inspectors


 “we know we got a good deal “ YES. All My Costs Recovered Also. Place Owes Me Nothing.

Looking to Sell Now to Fund Our Dream Custom ( Architect) Build House.


”but I have also heard of others on the forum getting similar deals, I also know of guys in areas a little further away from me who have used building companies and paid double of what we paid (12,000 baht) “

Paid 40k / m2. Money all recovered. Sale Value unfortunately about same now as Original Buy Cost.

But should have doubled under 2006 projections…….


“for half the size of the house we built, however there builds were current, i.e. 2021”

not applicable fortunately

“and they had issues with the building company” YES but Fixed


“If you have some building knowledge “ Little

”and know of a builder mate that you can check in with, you really don't need an architect or a building company, that said, buying the materials yourself saves you the company adding its load on the materials and dealing with different labourers on-site at different times, that is unless your lucky enough to get a reputable company that uses the same team, as I am sure plenty exist, but not from what I heard around our area. “ AGREE but Only Small Jobs. My Lady Managed All That & Specified / Bought Materials with Builder Present.


New House would Always Use Architect for Best Functionality & Materials Specification & Bill of Material.Even to Review / Modify LO Std. Plan. Luckily have In House Architect !


“Architects also usually have a builder or two in mind and also get a cut from the action”

YES. Watch Carefully for Builder Bid Manipulation. Verify Against Market / Budget m2 .Rates.


“It really comes down to personal choice” YES.

“ but as I said above, you have to do your own research on the builder” YES. Architect  Builders Must Be Cusomer Evaluated & Approved ,


“buy your own materials “ Small Works Only, for me ,Architect/ Builder Contract Compliance Applies.


“have a little building knowledge” YES, Would Develop That as Process Progressed


”and a builder mate you can check in with if required” YES, Informal Inspection Check,

“all of this will save you a lot, however could also cause you a lot of grief if your knowledge is not up to scratch with building” YES, but Resolved by Architect under Fixed Price Full Scope Contract.


A Pleasure, Good Sir …..

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Going to build used CEB (compressed earth bricks) a form of super adobe. We will build the bricks ourselves, using local labor. The equipment required is about 200,000 baht or so, and can be sold after the job is finished. The savings is well worth it. And the result is similar in appearance to these images here. Gorgeous appearance. Incredible thermal value. Alot less AC required, as long as the roof is insulated, and the overhang prevents direct sunlight, which we will need anyway for the terraces. Th first image is the larger 25cm. brick we will use. The other images are done with CEB made by a local guy. Smaller brick, and too much grout. 


I despise Thai brick. It is an utterly horrendous building material. 








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We are building a small house (50 sqm), 1 meter higher than ground. All the cost (material and labor, rental Makro) for piles (5 piles each spot, I15 at 6m), pile caps and footing (20x45 cm) and floor concrete Cost ฿2600 per sqm. The rest of the house will cost vary, depends on type of roof, tiles, bathroom and walls (we do double wall). 



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We don't all want a Mac Mansion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11,500 Per square meter. isan. 

Least amount of money spent in Thailand on a house the better.

my real money is in property in the uk.

Horses for courses op.  you started off insulting people

(  bar stool construction experts )

Funny where did you find all the local builders at 6 o'clock in the uk !!!!!!!!!!!!,

sitting next to me the ( panel beater ) , having a beer. !!!!! LOL


Ps About 80% of house built to date.

oh no if the wind comes will it blow down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO




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Any one telling you that they can build a house for 15000 baht a square meter should not be trusted is your statement .

I do not agree at all with your statement if the 15000 per square meter  is purely for construction . It can be a problem with this price if the foundations will require more work for putting it simply . Of course location can be a large factor as well

What motive you have to post your views is somewhat hard to understand .


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