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How Many of Us Have Made Love in the Foc’sle? Near Here? Like Conrad.

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50 years ago, I happened to be aboard an old ship plying its way around these waters.


Very near here, close to the equator, the ship dropped anchor.


It was a beautiful sight, the ocean still as glass, the sky cloudless, not a whiff of wind, and the beauty of green mountains not far off across the water, humidity and heat sky high.


It was a quiet December, like the night before Christmas, nothing stirring, not even a moose.


And then, what to one’s eyes did appear?


Not Donner, and not Blixen, but 12 tiny boats coming our way.


The First Mate showed no fear.


He ordered all boats willing to board our vessel would not be repelled.


And soon, the tiny boats were rubbing against our ship. The women of the boats skillfully clambered up 40 feet to our deck, and quickly overcame us.


They went to the slop chest. They went to the engine room. They even went to the smokestack.


All these women, young and old, on our ship, after 90 days at sea without us seeing port.


Being pretty much a virgin aboard ship, myself, and a virgin in most ways, I thought these women had boarded our ship to trade trinkets and handicrafts for the food in our galley.


Yet, these brazen women passed by the galley, and then one accosted me, me a child of barely 18, speaking a language I had never heard.


It was all very scary.


One woman pulled me toward the nearest berth, and began to attack me, outright.


My heart was aflutter, and my face was red.


Love, aboard ship, when it happens suddenly, is a many splendored thing.


Soon, it was all over, and I was looking out my porthole to the tiny lightly-bobbing boats below.


These pirates had robbed me of my innocence.


How could I thank them enough?!


Those were the good old days before I became celibate, thirty years later.


These days, love is never free.


There is always a price to be paid.


Sex aboard ship, when least expected, with a woman who can climb 40 feet up the side of one’s ship, is the best sex of all.


Those lithe women despoiled and spoiled me.


No hard feelings.


That was the best sex, of all.


Things always go better in Asia.


Asia is just…..Better.


No wonder Chris Patten cried real tears… Right?

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Just now, phetphet said:

Did she shiver your timbers?

I still recall everything about her, even to this day.


She was extremely NICE.


I think she was very amused, as well.


Thank you for asking.

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