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Anti-Fake News Center: Phuket Governor is not smuggling illegal foreign Muslims into Thailand

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Image: Anti-Fake News Center


By The Phuket News


PHUKET: The Anti-Fake News Center has issued a warning that a social media post claiming the Phuket Governor is smuggling illegal foreign Muslims into the country is fake news.


The post circulating claims that the “Governor of Phuket Secretly is smuggling foreign Muslims into the country illegally”, said the Anti-Fake News Center in its release, which was shared by local government agencies and polcie stations in Phuket.


“The Anti-Fake News Center investigated the facts via the Phuket Provincial Public Relations Office and found that such information is false,” the warning said.


Full story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/anti-fake-news-center-phuket-governor-is-not-smuggling-illegal-foreign-muslims-into-thailand-81835.php



-- © Copyright Phuket News 2021-10-28
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It's really about smuggling cheap labour, that they might be Muslims is incidental. This trade clearly goes on. Whether the Phuket governor is involved I haven't a clue. Arguments that the governor is Buddhist (so obviously wouldn't be involved), or that there is no smuggling of Islamic people "in the hope of proliferating, and devouring the Thais" (main article) is neither here nor there.

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More info.
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