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Sweden is excited to be a part of Indonesia's major capital project

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Sweden is looking forward to continuing its involvement in Indonesia's ambitious new capital project, which will use the smart city development idea developed in Sweden.

"As the new capital project continues into the implementation phase, we look forward to getting more involved," Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia Marina Berg said during a webinar of the Sweden-Indonesia Sustainability Partnership Week televised here on Monday.

She stated that the country has learned of the proposal to develop a new capital for Indonesia, and that it has now become the top initiative on the list of future partnership projects.


"Since then, we've been in communication with Bappenas on a regular basis" (the National Development Planning Board).
She stated, "We are working on the master plan for the new capital."

Berg stated that during his visit to Sweden with Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of National Development Planning (PPN) and Head of the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas), they had thoroughly discussed the topic of Indonesia's new capital project and reviewed what knowledge and information could be gained from Sweden's smart-city development experience.


She noted that, aside from Indonesia's new capital project, Sweden's second priority is the country's 5G growth.

"The essential idea is how to use technology in Indonesian cities in order to achieve long-term growth."
"Discussions are still underway," she stated.

Furthermore, the ambassador believes that Indonesia's leadership of the G20 in 2022 will open up new chances for both countries.


"We see enormous chances for cooperation on taking the sustainability agenda ahead under Indonesia's G20 presidency, as well as during the agenda in 2023, when Sweden will hold the EU presidency and Indonesia will be the chair of ASEAN," she explained.

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