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15 Burmese pilgrims perish while trying to reach a Buddhist temple over a flooded causeway

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After attempting to cross a flooded causeway in Myanmar, at least 15 pilgrims have drowned and at least three more have gone missing.
The event occurred near the town of Thanbyuzayat in the state of Mon, according to an AFP report.

Thousands of religious pilgrims were attempting to approach the Kyeik Hne pagoda when the victims were killed.
A religious event was held at the Buddhist temple, which is located about 3 kilometres off the shore.


Some of the pilgrims died trying to cross the 4-metre-high causeway when the tide was too high, according to a local official named Nai Sahai Eain in the AFP report.
Officials tried to make them wait, he claims, but they disregarded their warnings.

"We generally allow people to arrive around 6.30 a.m., but they refused to listen to us and began attempting to cross too soon."


Additional drownings occurred as a result of the subsequent overcrowding, with people pushing and shoving. Emergency responder Ko Kyaw Thu confirmed that 15 bodies had been carried to the hospital, but that at least three others were still missing.

The lack of safety signs on the causeway, according to local resident Nai Wona, made navigation difficult.

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