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Since then we have reached an intelligent solution with the missus.

The toilet at home only she uses. As per my suggestion, whenever I need to pee, I'll just do it while on the way somewhere with her. I'll lift one of my legs up and do the deed. 

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Peeing in a toilet while standing is disgusting. There will always be drops on the floor all around the toilet, no matter how hard you try to omit that, and I am pretty sure that you don't clean the f

Why do women always tell us dudes that we gotta put the toilet seat down? I feel that's unfair so I always tell my gf, you gotta put it up every time you're done using it coz that's how I like it

Bum gun washes everything, everytime ....... so not a concern.   As for the gf/wife, tell her if she pays for the home and all related expenses, you'll leave the seat however she wants. But

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