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I had a transfer of baht this morning into my Bangkok Bank account that I do not understand. (see below)

Firstly it appears to have happened at 3.00 am and secondly I have no idea where it came from.




Any suggestions how I might find out without making a phone call to speak to someone whose English I don't understand.

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I had the opposite at 8.17hrs on Sunday evening. Phone pinged, somebody took 659 Baht from my Kasikorn account. I phoned their switchboard immediately, got a recorded message that the number does not exist! On Monday morning when they'd switched the phones back on I spoke to their helpline, got the debit card cancelled and went to the local branch for a new one.

In your case, if English is not your first language I can understand the problem of speaking to someone whose accent may be difficult to understand. I would suggest you enlist the help of someone who speaks Thai, or go to a branch and ask them to check what is going on.

At least a payment into your account is not so worrying. I spent all Sunday night with my phone switched on in case there were further 'pings' from someone raiding my account. There weren't, and I got repaid the 659 baht. Had to pay 300 for another card, though.

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