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Hi I,m Lachezar 30 years old.


I have international connection from Istanbul -> Bangkok international airport -> Phnom Penh.

I have to wait for 18 hours in Bangkok airport.

I wont leave the airport and im using a single ticket ( all the flights are on the same ticket).

Do i need a transit visa. I read in some places that if you have more than 12 hours of stay in Bangkok airport you will need a transit visa


Best Regards

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There was a max stay of 12 hours  in the transit area before. Not sure about now.

A transit visa would not help since you would have to go through immigration to use it and that would require having a Thailand Pass to do it.

This is the current requirement to transit through Thailand.


Source: https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php

You need to check with the airlines you are flying on to find out if you can stay in the transit area until your next flight after arriving.

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