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Netizens clash with public health minister over Moderna comments

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By Natcha Patanasophon


Thai netizens on Friday took to social media to vent their anger, after the government told them to give up their paid Moderna registrations and get Pfizer jabs from the state.


The hashtag #ขายสิทธิ์โมเดอร์นา (selling Moderna) came following comments that Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Health, made urging people to quickly receive government-provided free Pfizer vaccines instead of waiting for the private sector to bring in Moderna.


Over nine million Thais pre-paid for the Moderna vaccines earlier this year and are still waiting to receive it.


Full story: https://www.thaienquirer.com/35325/netizens-clash-with-public-health-minister-over-moderna-comments/


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4 hours ago, mtls2005 said:

Might have been simpler to just allow the import of Moderna instead of throwing up hurdle after hurdle.


But no, the regime blocked this effort for months. 


Who cares if private hospitals offer vaccines and people want to pay for them?  This removes some of the burden from the state, and allows more people to eb vaccinated sooner, and leaves more vaccines for the less advantaged. Win win win. Private health care is a pretty big business here, and is rarely constrained as it was with this Moderna kerfuffle.


I get that the regime was slow to respond, and was made to look incompetent as private hospitals whipped into action. And that the regime had to restrain hospitals so as to save face. But now that the regime has recovered it's time to free up private hospitals.



"Who cares if private hospitals offer vaccines and people want to pay for them? ", I think perhaps Government and their officials do as they have been by-passed in the system, so no benefit to them perhaps?

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7 hours ago, Thaiwrath said:

And you wonder why so many remain unvaccinated ?

It ain't rocket science, is it Anutin ?

People expect to get what they paid for, not a substitute (probably inferior) of your choosing.

But that's what they do. Modify the rules [for their whimsy] in the middle of the game.

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8 hours ago, Gsxrnz said:

Pre-paying for anything in Thailand is a recipe for disappointment. 

like dealing with the Chinese in Singapore, rule no.1 here use a credit card, never never transfer money into Thai bank account and read the fine print.  it's not the States

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