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Ladies In Thailand - Forum Rules


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Dear All

This section of ThaiVisa.com is dedicated to women living in/travelling to or interested in Thailand.

All posters male or female are welcome to post here but this section is predominately for women and the prime concern is that women feel it is a safe and comfortable place to post.

So, bearing that in mind, please keep topics on track & posts relevant to the subject.

This is not a place for male posters to express their views on western or thai women. This is not a place for men seeking general advice about women, if you specifically want womens point of views regarding an issue, please make that clear. Men are asked to contribute to a topic in a relevant manner.

As such I ask that you do not abuse/flame or troll here. That includes making derogatory comments towards women or men or abusing posters. Civil discussion is the only acceptable form here and violators of the rules may find themselves suspended for violating forum specific rules.

Please read the forum rules below & bear them in mind when posting.

Forum rules

Please also note that this isn't a dating site & any requests or URL's to external sites will be removed.

If you see anything here that you would like to refer for moderation then please use the Report This Post function. Your report will be actioned swiftly. If you are receiving abusive messages from other members then these can also be reported in the same way. In addition, you can also PM a moderator to discuss the matter in private.

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