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In the US, my carrier, ATTWireless, could not SMS from cell to Thailand.

I sent SMS's to my TGF from California last year for 4 months while away using ipipi.com. Service was very reliable. She would reply directly from her phone to my cell phone in US using her carrier, AIS.

The sender in the SMS to/in my cell said..... from: [email protected]

I do not know if AIS contracts with 2Talk.to or owns them.

Hope that helps a little.

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Hi, I work for ipipi. I thought I'd try to answer your question. The problem you experienced is always a little annoying. As with most SMS carriers, we can usually just say "just hit reply" and that's the end of the picture. However, some mobile phone operators remove the return path info we attach to each message.

There is an easy way to get around this. Simply tell your friend to use the gateway function. It's as easy as you registering their phone and them sending directly TO the gateway. Here is our blurb on that:


A little non official news - we will have a new gateway in Thailand soon, so the reply costs for your friends will just be local rates. :o

We do answer all help Qs usually in about an hour. if you ever need more help, simply put it there and I will be the most likely person to reply.

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Well, I registered her mobile phone on my account. Still can't receive a reply from her. ipipi.com help said I should tell her to send it to a gateway number rather than just clicking reply. She sent it to the US and still its not received. But she is charged 10 baht by her phone company for an international SMS. Any ideas?

And how does the ipipi.com system know that when she sends it to a number in the US, the SMS should come to my account? What if she had another friend on ipipi.com with her mobile as a registered device? How can you route the SMS to the correct inbox? I don't get it...

When is the Thai gateway number coming? A date?

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