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Wanted Bangkok Web Designer

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Wanted Bangkok Web designer who can conclude the following:

Re-design and launch a website and teach the basics of web design from start to finish (we have a project that needs processing in the next quarter)

Support the design through its early stages of growth, which will obviously involve extra work and payments. But the aim is to allow one of our employees to take full ownership of the site/sites in future, rather then too contract out this type of work on a regular basis everytime we need a site doing...

So if your a web designer , please get in touch.

Please send any previous design within your reply, so we can look at your reference/work etc..


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Think you might be confusing design with development, they are too different skill sets. It sounds like you need a developer (coder) - whereas you are asking for a designer (somebody to design the layout of the site - but who would have limited coding and development ability). Some people can do both - but those people are usually only good at one, if that. If you want a good website you want to hire one good designer and one good developer.

I outsource my development and design work to one indian firm (development) and a separate freelance indian designer - if you PM me I can give you a referral. They are both very good and inexpensive - and it took me years of weeding people out to find them.

In any case, this is not the proper forum for your request - there is a forum for offering jobs. You'll get much better replies there as that is where the job seekers look.

Good luck.

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How about having a play with Google Sites?

Hadn't heard of that, looks pretty "quick and dirty" but it's free and looks very easy and quick - the only tech savvy it appears you would need is knowing how to change the nameservers on your domain. Not something you'd want to use for a large professional business but looks like a decent starter website.

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Hi let me know what you are wanting.

I will be in Bangkok in Feb i am a Retired IT lecturer and run have run a few servers since 1993

IT Dept UK College IT since 1983

I do it because I enjoy it.

D/name reg hosting

Site Design

Mysql, Flat file, html flash if wanted

perl, unix php data control

bank integration Pay pal on or off line

SSL data encryption

and whatever plus training

hope that may help


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