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A Book In Suwanapoom Big C Bookshop

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Ok in search of cheese ( and bread to make toast to put my cheese on ) i travelled to a Big C in Suwanapoom, Roi Et and had a look in the book shop. I saw a book . It may have been called Mr Paul. It had a pic of a fallang on the cover .

It was a bookof fallang jokes . Just jokes about fallang.

On each page it had a joke in english like "a fallang walks into a shop and asks for a coconut." The thai assistant says " yes coconuts are lovely how many children do you have!!!!"

Then the joke was in Thai ( script ) then an explanation in english as to what the joke was / why it was funny ( to a thai person/or an english speaker ).

I meant to buy it on the spot but delayed and never saw it again in BKK or PTY despite asking.Back in town the bookshop had no knowledge of it.

Was I on the Lao Kao mak mak or does this book exist?

ps the " joke" i quoted was for illustration purposes only.it is not a real Thai joke or funny ( so far as I know )


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email http://www.backstreetbooksiam.com/ and ask them - they are a wealth of information.

thanks I will do

I have since posting got these links the book definitely exists

see here from 2003


and here ( link to the actual book no longer works )



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