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A Diligent Dog Who Shames Trash Tossing Tourists

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A diligent dog who shames trash tossing tourists

By Prasit Tangprasert

The Nation


NAKHON RATACHASIMA: -- Rain or shine, Kalong the dog unflaggingly continues her mission to guard the cleanness of Wang Nen waterfall in Nakhon Ratchasima's Sung Noen district, despite her increasing age.

The drought, seasonal heat and stress from heated political turmoil have sent Nakhon Ratchasima residents to seek refuge in natural attractions such as the Wang Nen waterfall. And there they have a chance to admire this diligent six-year-old dog at its self-assigned work, grabbing floating garbage from around the waterfall and dragging it ashore.

Her owner Boo Lertkhonburi, who runs the Wang Nen Restaurant, said that the summer heat has arrived early and, with the gloomy politics, is stressing people out. More and more are visiting the fall daily and during weekends - meaning his restaurant is booming, earning at least Bt20,000 per day compared to the usual Bt10,000 to Bt15,000.

Many visitors said they wanted to come see Kalong, as word has spread of this dog that cleans the waterfall on its own initiative, Boo said.

Kalong is so determined in her task that even when she was pregnant last year, she continued grabbing garbage until time came for her to give birth to several pups. Local people quickly adopted the pups in the hope they would be as clever as their famous mum.

Now at the age of six, Kalong's eyesight is diminishing, causing her to miss a piece of trash or two, but she still keeps trying. Boo has urged tourists to follow Kalong's good example and not litter rivers or water sources, but to keep them clean.


-- The Nation 2010-03-04


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Except now, applying Thai logic, since the dog is revered for retrieving trash, when they come to see it in order for them to see her in action they'll be throwing more trash in so she can get it out... :):D

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