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"Natural" Swimming Pools

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Picking up on this now 4 year old thread...

Anyone doing or thinking about doing a natural swimming pool?

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I'm thinking of making a natural pool at the moment (the company in charge of the project is this: ecopiscinasdearena), they have interesting models and I haven't decided on one yet, anyway I'm looking for some that I like on the Internet and I'll show them to you as well to widen my options and choose the one I like best. Why do you ask, what doubts do you want to solve about the subject?

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Wouldn't go anywhere near this in Thailand.

Major ongoing headaches for sure.

However it can be done with PebbleCrete & a beach entry effect.

Coupled with the "Oxy Minerale" pink Himilayan salt system you basically have a fresh water pool!

Doing plenty of these!

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