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This Bangkok based company sells Italian Gelato products and fruit juices throughouttwo Bangkok busy transport hubs. Products comprise a range of very low fat products which have proved popular with an increasingly health conscious groupof customers, while a wide ranging fruit juice menu appeals to a more generic group.

Established approximately three years ago and recently taken over by a new owner who now realizes he does not have the skills, time, and knowledge to manage such a venture and therefore has decided to place it back on the market. Two Kiosks are used for vending as a three storey shop house is used for processing, storage and also provides accommodation.

The business is currently unprofitable from a lack of management. Monthly sales average 95,000 baht, with a 35,000 baht payroll for 4 full time employees and78,000 baht rental for the three locations.

The owner realized that this trade needs to be managed by a F and B professionaland therefore priced it for a quick sale and including a fully licensed Thai Limited Company with enough capital to provide one Work Permit.

ASKING PRICE: 650,000 baht.



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