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Gourmet Restaurant Asset Sale

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Gourmet Restaurant Asset Sale

This Asset Sale consists of premises, furniture, and equipment that were previously used to operate a Gourmet Restaurant in the Sathorn area of the city. The 80 sq.m premises are located at the ground floor of a condominium which generates constant foot traffic, and are being offered on a 3 years renewable lease at a rate of 22,500 baht per month.

The lack of management prompted the recent closure since the trade was run as a side business. As the operation shut down just after the chef left, a new workforce would be needed to be hired before the investor were to re-open for trade.

The enterprise functioned successfully providing a fusion menu catering to a popular western fare, but the new owner can re-open in any way he or she sees fit. Trading name could be maintained as a fully licensed Thai Limited company is included in the sale with enough capital to obtain and maintain a Work Permit, as well as a website.

Receipts totaled 167,000 baht per month prior to the shut down, assets valued at 650,000 Baht are included in the sale, as well as 50,000 baht in inventory and a two month lease deposit. This sale is being offered at face value of the assets and the owner will relocate as soon as a new tenant is qualified.

ASKING PRICE: 700,000 baht firm.



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