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Burma Visit With Shan Wife - For Passport

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This year I would like to get my Shan wife a Burmese passport & visa to France. She has been living in Thailand for the last 10 years and has an "Alien thai ID card - starting with a zero" although, she still has her Burmese ID card too. She does not speak Burmese but, she has been told that someone from her old village could go with her to translate. I have been advised, by a Burmese national friend, not to travel with her, as it might jeopardise her passport application. Apparently, Burmese nationals are not allowed to marry foreigners. I have been told that the application might take one month after arriving in Rangoon.

Anyone having any experience or, any useful comments on these matters, would be gratefully heard.

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Burmese nationals can't marry foreigners? What the heck? What about all the Burmese married to Thais, Chinese and Indians, not to mention other nationalities? I think your information is incorrect.

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I have been waiting just outside of the immigration office in Mandalay while my fiance was in there to apply for a passport. Your information is totally incorrect.

My fiance never had any problem with the local authorities because of me and I have been with here in all kinds of government places in a area where a civil war is going on right outside the bigger cities.

Not sure what kind of person gave you this paranoid idea that your girlfriend will have issues because of you beeing a foreigner.


Myanmar nationals are indeed not allowed to marry a foreigner. There might be loopholes though especially if you have money to bribe officials.

What you can do is have a religious marriage at a church or a mosque. They will issue a marriage certificate (in my case the embassy accepts them, not sure about your countries embassy). You can also get a Buddhist marriage certificate but I dont know how this is done.

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