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I just bought one of those huge packets of soba noodles (Japanese buckwheat noodles) from Tesco but I couldn't find any soba noodle sauce to go with them. Anyone know where I can buy some?

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and what was the Kikkoman noodle sauce called?

I bought some soft noodles at tescos that looked delicious but then couldn't figure out what to do with them...later mixed them with an Oxo cube but they were tasteless...I think that they havta be stir fried with some onions and garlic and maybe the sauce indicated by edwardandtubs...

beware diabetics as they appear to be highly glycemic...

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Almost all of the major BKK supermarkets stock a familiar brand of soba noodle sauce.... It's Kikkoman Soba Tsuyu...and usually costs about 115 baht for a standard bottle.

I've seen and bought same in Tesco, Big C, Tops, Gourmet Markets, Foodland, Villa, and elsewhere... not to mention the Fuji Japanese market.

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