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Bangkok Embassy - Listed Holidays For 2013 (Closed Days)

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Will populate this list shortly, but having just come from the embassy on an extraordinarily busy day (due to the fact they will be closed for a day), thought it might be wise to have a pinned topic.

TUESDAY 12 FEBRUARY - National Day. Closed.

ATTACHED photo from inside the embassy of the full holidays (closed days) for this year.

M indicates a Myanmar Holiday.

T indicates a Thailand Holiday.

Will transcribe this when I get a chance (still travelling now) - for now just click on the photo.


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Hi guys,

I read that the Songkran festival had been extended to include Friday 12th April this year? Is that correct and will the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok be closed on Friday 12th april?

I'm guessing it will be open as usual on the 11th april but might be crazy busy due to all the upcoming holidays?

Does anyone know if the rumour that they limit how many visas are issued each day is true?

Thanks in advance!

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According to the above notice - closed 15,17,18,19 April - not 12th.

Never experienced them limiting the number of visas issued (on a single day) personally - and I was there recently on an extremely busy day (holiday the day before, and the day after I was there). On that day people were queuing down the street even at midday - and they kept the line going. They normally close at 12.00am for the morning applications, but on that particular day they kept the doors open until everyone got through.

Do expect it to be 'crazy busy' ahead of the Thingyan break - get there very early, or expect to join a long line stretching a good distance up Thanon Pan....

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Full list of remaining gazetted holidays for 2013:

12th August, Monday. HM The Queen's Birthday (Thailand holiday)

23rd October, Wednesday. Chulalongkorn Day (Thailand holiday)

27th November, Wednesday. National Day (Myanmar Holiday)

5th December, Thursday. HM The King's Birthday (Thailand Holiday)

10th December, Tuesday. Constitution Day (Thailand Holiday)

25th December, Wednesday. Christmas Day. (Myanmar & Thailand Holiday)

31st December, Tuesday. New Year's Eve. (Thailand Holiday)

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