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Where In Chiang Mai Can I Get Singapore Rice Noodle Dish? XingZhouChaoMiFen?

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Does anyone know where I can get a quality rendition of this Singapore Rice Noodle Dish? The correct name is XingZhouChaoMiFen, or 星洲炒米粉.

But you don't need to actually know the name if you have a photo:


Some believe this is a Chinese dish, but I am not so sure. I have found that this is made best in southern China in the lower reaches of the GuangDong province, although it may get even better when you leave China and head even farther south to Vietnam or Singapore or maybe Thailand.

I have not had this dish in Thailand yet, but I would love to try it here in Chiang Mai.

I have noticed that it does not often matter what kind of food the Thais are cooking, they are just simply fantastic cooks that can make any dish better than most.

For example, I had a Lamb Vindaloo in Bangkok, which was better than any similar version I had tried elsewhere, even though most might say that Lamb Vindaloo is not really Indian food.

The best Singapore fried rice-noodle dish is best when it is not too oily and is made with more heat than normal, and when the noodles are fresh and light. This dish has addictive properties also and it is difficult to eat one helping without wanting more the next day. This food should be gulped down or almost inhaled as quickly as possible for maximum enjoyment, and then should be polished off with a cold Coca-Cola on ice.

I would say that it does not require a Chinese restaurant to prepare this noodle dish well.

Probably the Thai version could be even better.

Or, is there a very similar Thai dish that might be just as good?

I still do not want to stray too far from the original though.

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I'm not sure this will taste much like the Singapore Rice Noodle dish with shrimp, tidbits of ham, omelette, yellow curry or white pepper, etc.

But never fear if it is Thai food; it is always worth trying it, and trying it several times after the first try.

Thanks, I waited a long time this time for a reply!

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