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Myanmar Embassy Bangkok - closures for July 2013

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Just as a regular heads up, the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok will have 2 closed days later this week/early next week.

Friday 19th July 2013 - Martyr's Day (Myanmar Holiday)

Monday 22nd July 2013 - Full Moon of Waso (Myanmar Holiday)

Please note that as these dates span this coming weekend - I expect that the embassy will be very busy on either side of those days.

Be prepared to queue early and spend some time waiting.



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When I read the headlines, I was hoping to hear they were closing for renovations - a welcome idea. Any improvement in their process, space, system, would make their difficult jobs easier. They are swamped with people every time I go there (since last Feb 2012.) I try to send a messenger when I can but if you want same day visa it is best to be there yourself and prepared to explain why you need to expedite.

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Thanks SV for the info.......Hows things?...any more hoolies on the horizon..


biggrin.png What a pleasant surprise. I am doing jolly well - how's yourself?

Not bad...Back in LOS for a 5-6 month "trip" this time ...CM getting some works done on the "farm"

Doing the run quite often between CM-Bangkok ...wife bought a new Hilox Champ 3 D ..Turbo so the round trips aint too bad .....

Got to go back down soon to pick up a shipment from UK and some new white license plates but don't know when exactly.

Also got some guys coming out soon who want to play at Rudyard Kipling so need to sort out jollis to Rangoon,PP (show them my old pub) and Laos.....

Whens the next do in the Mermaid?...cheers

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Just wondering about the "explanation" necessary for expedited visa. The first time I went to the embassy, I actually had a flight out the next morning and showed proof (which they didn't care about). No questions for same-day visa. The second time I went, I just viisted the embassy when I had time (two weeks before my departure and I hadn't booked a flight yet), and they did question it. I have no idea why I wrote my actual departure date, but I didn't have a ticket to show anyway if I lied and said it was the next day. But I explained that I don't live near Bangkok (true) and really had to get back to work but must have my passport to travel. This was March 2012. Not long after that, I heard they got stricter with the same-day visa and required proof of a flight out.

Now that the road from Myawaddy is open, I still won't have a flight. Was going to send passport to an agency for standard processing, but I might have a reason to be in Bangkok to visit a friend. My visa's definitely run out and my next border crossing must be done October 5th. And I still am not living in Bangkok. Is that kind of reason sufficient--like if I'm there on Monday, need to get back to work on Tuesday, and must leave the country on Saturday (by road)--is it likely that they'll give me a same-day visa? Or is having a flight ticket in hand the only acceptable "explanation" for expedited visa ?

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