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4-year-old Thai boy gored by pregnant buffalo

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4-year-old Boy Gored by Pregnant Buffalo

By Khaosod Online


BANGKOK: -- A 4-year-old boy was admitted to hospital in Ayutthaya after he was gored underneath his armpits by a pregnant water buffalo.

Abideen Ubonyaem was butted by the buffalo near his home in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province on 26 November. According to his mother, the boy and the buffalo were familiar to each other as the boy plays with the creature every day.

The owner of the buffalo who claimed to be present at the scene said that Abideen was petting the animal’s head as usual. However, reportedly, the animal was upset with small bugs and waved its head quickly, causing its horn to stab into Abideen’s armpits. He then informed Abideen’s mother before they rushed the boy to Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Hospital.

Medical team said Abideen had well recovered from his wound, but need to stay in the hospital for a couple of days to make sure his wound is uninfected. The buffalo’s owner said he is willing to be responsible for the medical bills.

Buffaloes are considered as a symbol of Thai rural culture.

Source: http://www.khaosod.co.th/en/view_newsonline.php?newsid=TVRNNE5UVTJOVEExTUE9PQ==

-- KHAOSOD English 2013-11-28

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It happens; the head movement thing. A little boy being in the way is as nothing to a 500 pound head swinging around to lick the flanks. The owner should have known that and have had the lad stand where it was safe. I think this is simply a "being in the wrong place at the wrong time" issue. Safest place to be around these large beasts is the just behind the shoulders. Stay away from the head and rear legs area. The owner is an idiot.

All the very best to the tike.

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Why do pregnant women have such mood swings?

I mean...everything's ok for a bit then WHAM!...the

feces hits the fan in a microsecond...no animal it

seems is exempt from this stuff...female animals

that is.

I wish Abideen (neat name BTW) a speedy recovery

and I bet he's gonna have a good story to tell his


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Poor wee lad almost Aberdeen I hope he recovers 100% and has now learned to stay well back from buffalo in the future and mother should have been with him or taught him not to get too close to large animals within kicking butting or biting distance.

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people really need to look after their kids better. My neighbors lets their 3yr old walk around the village by herself. so easy for anything to happen to them whether it be people or animals. Thats bad parenting. Never trust an animal with your kid.

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Why do female buffaloes have horns and cows don't?

If they were allowed to grow them they would. Prudent farming practices allow for the dehorning of both male and female cattle to make them easier to work with. In the natural form both cows and bulls have horns. To add insult to injury the young males are also castrated.w00t.gif

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A similar accident happened here in Canada involving a cow but the ending is not so nice. A vet took his 4 year old son with him to tend to a sick cow. The cow was down in its stall and a crowd was around her while the vet worked on it. It moved its head and hooked the boy with her horn. Purely accidental but the boy died from the injury.

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