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I am american. Have tried pimsler and other systems. No luck. Can anyone recommend a school in bangkok teaching conversational thai. Sent from my GT-I9500 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app

This is quite an old post but thought I would share what I found best initially.

I am now attending a school in Bangkok where I believe I actually learnt more from the book I will mention is a sec as I find myself explaining other students questions to the teacher and an answer to the student as well. But do find it a little advantagable to build upon vocabulary.

I used a Book (with 2CD's) called 'Teach Yourself Thai' by David Smith. He also teaches reading/writing skills, some of his vowels are not real vowels and only a single vowel written with a consonant but the sound that he says is made is correct.. So with that it is worth saying (from my experience) every book is different and really only the authors view on how the language is to be spoken, read or written. The same publisher also has a conversational thai book to move onto after this initial one.

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