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14-day entry visa to be exempted for Thais

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Does anyone know whether this agreement has been signed and is now in force?

Can not find any information on the Bangkok Myanmar Embassy web site.

Me (UK) and my Thai gf have booked to go to Myanmar in Feb 2014, flying to Yangon.

I don't know if she need visa or not?

I will be going to the Bangkok Myanmar Embassy to get visa a few days before we are due to fly.

I think it will be best if I get her application prepared just in case this agreement has not been implemented.

If someone (Thai) has traveled lately perhaps they could let me know?

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As you mentioned above, best to prepare a via application for her before you head to the Myanmar embassy.

If the agreement is still in the signing stage, my thoughts are it is not likely to be implemented straight away (especially inbound into Myanmar)

If I find anything further will post back here, and other members may be able to post recent experiences on this.

Do you have all the info & forms you need for applying for the Myanmar visas?

You can download the tourist visa application here: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/599556-myanmar-tourist-visa-form-download-for-bangkok-embassy/

Don't forget to bring:

- 2 passport photos (glue one onto the form, attach the other with a paper clip to the form)

- photocopy of passport bio page

If you need any other info please ask.



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It definitely has not been implemented yet. Knowing how fast the Myanmar Government moves I think it is unlikely to be in place by February.

I agree, although according to elevenmyanmar.com, the Myanmar government is ready this time while Thailand's recent and continuing political turmoil have forced this issue towards the backburner hence why the agreement hasn't been signed yet. It might be a few more months yet...meanwhile Vietnamese and Cambodian citizens can now enter Myanmar visa-free (but only if they fly in). Unfortunately for my friend from Vietnam, he couldn't avail himself of this privilege as we went overland and thus he was forced to apply for a visa. I have no idea how it works if you are eligible for a visa-waiver for air arrivals but you want to leave overland. Presumably, this should be OK but it probably hasn't been attempted yet as only a handful of nationalities are eligible for visa-free entry to Myanmar anyway and as mentioned this is limited to air arrivals only.

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there was an agreement allowing 14 days visa exempt for Cambodians as well but yesterday went to Ranong an she was charged $10 just like me

Yes that's because she went in overland. 14 days visa exempt (free entry) is only applicable for air arrivals as I already mentioned. Later this year, border arrivals will also be allowed to enter visa free but for now everyone who pays at a land border is going on a visa run or short term border area stay. Everyone else needs to have their Myanmar visa in advance.

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