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Myanmar Embassy Bangkok - Closed days during Songkran

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As always I like give a heads up to anyone who is looking to get a visa issued from the embassy in Sathorn around any holiday periods.

As of next week, the embassy will be closed from Monday 14 to Thursday 17 for the MahaThingyan Festival and Myanmar New Year Day.

The last open day to get visas issued is tomorrow, Friday 11th April.

The next open date will be next Friday 18th April.

You can expect heavy queues and long waits on these dates and either side by a day or two.

If you must get a visa application in - make sure you have all of your required documentation, forms completed, 2 passport photos, passport copy, itinerary (if required) and payment ready in Thai baht. Countless times I see people make it all the way to the front of the queue after a long wait, only to realise they don't have everything ready and they need to go away and sort it out.

The required blank visa application forms are in the pinned topics at the top of the Myanmar Visa section, so if you have access to a printer you can save yourself time by printing them out. Note that the Tourist Visa application is two-sided on a single A4 sheet.

Any queries please post below, or for something specific open a new topic.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday period.


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