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UK General Visit Priority Application

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Hi Guys

There has been some discussion in this forum about the Priority Visa application offered by the British Embassy via VFS Global at 5,600 baht. (not to be confused with the VIP Premium Lounge Service at 3,000 baht). Note this is only available if you have visited the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or to a country in the Schengen Area

My wife had previously been to the UK for 4 months 17th Sept 2013 - Jan 13th 2014. We applied again in late April but she was refused a visa due to the unwritten rule about not spending over 6 months in the UK over a 12 month rolling period. I discussed this refusal in a previous topic and I would like to thank theoldgit and 7by7 for their comments in the topic and futher advice via PM from 7by7 and TonyM.

Anyway get onto the crux of this topic. We decided to go for the Priority Visa application offered by the British Embassy via VFS Global at 5,600 baht in addition to the usual fee of £83/4560 baht (paid in dollars I believe). Even though she had a refusal to her name we thought it worth the risk. I wrote a covering letter that covered all the points in the refusal letter and apologised for being naïve in applying so soon after her return from the UK. The Priority service promises a 3 - 5 working day turnaround. My wife submitted the application on Weds 23rd, on Saturday 26th e mail received saying decision made, on Tuesday 1st July passport picked up. She is in receipt of a 6 Month General visit visa and we are over the moon.

There are 2 lessons here. Firstly if you are refused a visa don't give up. Secondly if you are thinking of using the Priority Service and can afford it, then go for it. It saves weeks of worrying and is well worth the money.



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