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Interview with Andrew Stocks and Lizzy in Hua Hin

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Interview with Andrew Stocks and Lizzy in Hua Hin


HUA HIN:-- Many of you already know ‘Dizzy Lizzy Bizzy, as she is best known.

Lizzy is always actively promoting events in Hua Hin and started the extremely popular monthly ‘Multi Culti’ events in Hua Hin. Some months ago Lizzy met Andrew Stocks from the Power of Love Church and they clicked immediately. Lizzy said: “My life became so wonderful from when I met Andrew, without words we think same same”. Both are very passionate people. Rather than speaking about themselves, they share a very special dedication; to help people in need and they both are dedicating their hearts full time to this. In 2009-2011 Lizzy organised events for the German speaking community then in 2010- 1012 for the Swiss community, but this was not enough. Something was missing, she always dreamt of multicultural community events and this was the next step. The very first ‘Multi Culti’ Event was in 2013 and it was very successful.

A ‘Multi Culti’ Event is now held on the 28th of each month and there are never less than 150 people attending. From the income of the event, 10% goes to charities. Besides that Lizzy is also, even before she came to Thailand, involved with the R.I.C.D wheel chair project donating wheelchairs to the people in need. Visit http://www.thailand-huahin.com/huahinmunicipality- news/RICD-wheelchair-project. htm to read more about this. Lizzy is trying to support this project for the disabled people of Hua Hin. Lizzy donates around 35,000 baht per month, money that she collects for the charity and also from her private income. Andrew came to Hua Hin 10 years ago, before that he was living to Pattaya. He comes from a business background but he left everything behind and is now dedicating his life to a very important purpose, helping other people. He is the creator of the Power of Love Church and their job is to help people in need, people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and disabled people who they have been forgotten by their families. Power of Love is a registered charity under the COC. They distribute food to people in need.
You can see their projects on Facebook or you can be one of them and go with them to help. Both Andrew and Lizzy are involved in helping people that live in the slums of Hua Hin, providing them with food and helping them improve their quality of life. These people live under very harsh conditions and need our help. In Hua Hin we have around 38 small slum areas. When they say slums, they mean people who don’t have the basic needs of life. Their home is a cardboard box or made from pieces of wood, sometimes without even a roof. Many of them are not able to move because of their disabilities and there is no one to help them. They have been rejected from their families who cannot help them. We are not talking only about old people many of them are children, who because of the circumstances in life have no future.
With many poor children in need of a good home that would provide protection and a real chance to change their life, Andrew decided that Hua Hin needed a dedicated Home for these children and so the idea for the Power of Love Home came into existence. The Home will be located in Khao Takiab on 1.5 rai of land and will house 40 children from 3 to 15 years old. As Andrew says, these poor children deserve a chance and this home will provide them with safe housing, food and education. They will be able to build a good life for themselves, breaking their cycle of misery. The location has ready access to two public schools in Khao Takiab. The kids will also be taught English by volunteers. Construction will start in July with a total cost of THB 27 million. Lizzy and Andrew are actively looking for donations supporting this worthy cause.
Lizzy arranges events that are great fun to join, but that also provide the very important funds to support this cause. So far they have collected THB 2.7 million. A great start, but much more is needed. If we put ourselves behind this, we can make this a great success story and change the life of these children. The Power of Love Home is looking for help and donations in the form of building materials, furniture and other essentials. You can contact Andrew on www.thaipolic.com for more information about how you can help. It is a great way to give and help the people in need around us in Hua Hin.
You can help in so many ways, so please do what you can. Let us all do our bit to make Hua Hin a better place for everyone. Both Lizzy and Andrew have collection points where you can bring old clothes, bring food that will be distributed to the poorest in Hua Hin, you can also volunteer and work with them helping them in their great cause. I will close this interview with Andrew words: “Give back to community and give back to people. Action always speaks louder than words, we hope that this Home will be the first and more will come after that. Think big, have big vision. “ See you all of you at Lizzy’s next event together with Skal and Rotary clubs on 28th of July, the Swiss National Day at the Hyatt Regency. How can you help us help the children? Power of love: tel. 080 999 3603 email: [email protected] Lizzy’s email: [email protected] com
-- Hua Hin Today 2014-07-07
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For me it's a complete puzzle why you show a 7 year old article that has not been updated.

A few remarks:

the boy in the picture in his wheelchair, passed away a few years ago;

Lizzy was never involved in the RICD Wheelchair Project: I myself was a volunteer there from 2006 till 2015 and managed to bring the wheelchairs to Hua Hin;

As far as I know Power of Love volunteers are not donating food in the Hua Hin slums any longer

It is true that Lizzy, in those years, organized Multi Culti Events and donated tbt 35000 per month for charity purposes;

the Power of Love Children's Home in Kao Takiab exists and is still in operation. As far as I know it has currently only 4 boys under its care;

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