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? Train Station Parking ?

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We are taking the train and will be away for a couple of days before returning....The wife is concerned that the parking lot might not be safe to leave the car....Does anyone have experience with this? Looks like the daily charge is only 80 TB.....

Possible 2nd choice - there's hotel across the street that has parking - does anyone know if they will allow a vehicle to park there for a fee?

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She's afraid the lights & spare of the 4x4 might be tempting....we'll take the Honda instead...pretty nondescript....we're about 20K away from the station.....

And returning back about 4 AM.....

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We left our car in a "secure parking" compound at the Arcade Bus terminal. When we returned, after 2 days, the Nissan Sunny badges had been removed. The staff of course knew nothing.

Its an open invitation to thieves as they know the chances of you coming back while they are removing whatever they want is remote.

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