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I am trying to find out more about a couple of small amulets I have been given. Not interested in the value though, just about history and meaning. So any useful links would be a great help.

This one transliterates as Somdtaed I think. With King Rama 5 on the back, maybe from Ubon.


The second one transliterates to Booluengsee, like I said mine is a small one for a chain see pic (unclear sorry). I just saw several large Booleungsee heads at Wat Baang Phra but it is not from there. Additionally attached is a pic of 2 of the Booleungsee heads from Wat Baang Phra.


Thanks in advance for any info

Best Wishes


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Poo Reusee is some mythical hermit character who has supernatural powers. Probably not of Thai origin but appears in some Thai literature. One of the offerings for this deity is betel nut.

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Reusee is Thai for 'forest sage', coming from the Sanskrit rishi. Images such as these are based on a character or characters in the Indian epic Ramayana. While this figure is quite generic in Indian literature, in modern-day Thailand a reusee/rishi cult has developed, with many devotees making regular offering so reusee idols or shrines. There are also trance mediums in Thailand who claim to channel this entity, and many other people who claim to have seen reusee(s) appear in visions, etc. The reusee is can supposedly impart magical powers to his devotees.

Monks who dabble in sak yan, sacred tattoo art, will occasionally don a reusee mask while needling the tattoo or while 'sealing' the sak yan with incantations.

Don't know much about amulets tho, sorry .... :o

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THanks for the valuable info.

So Ruesee translates Rishi from Ramayana the ancient Hindu Epic. Are there any other major sources of Thai mythology, what about the other Hindu Epic Mahabharata or Chinese literature?



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Is this Reusee the same as the guy in the Thai alphabet?

Is he related to Suksakohn?

Yes reusee has his own letter in the Thai alphabet, presenting the first syllable of the word.

Who/what is Suksakohn, other than a common Thai/Lao surname?

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