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Ron19... Daily life in Thailand and what I see


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Suthep, a stray that I took in 5 years ago and I estimated that he was around 5 years old then.
Beautiful temperament and the only times he will leave my side is when one of the local lady
dogs requires his attention or every thursday morning when there is a market in the village
and the deep fried chicken stall is the place to be.


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My wife decided what she wanted was up here and come hell or high water,she was going to get it.


This is what it was all about,these little white flowers which are boiled or steamed before eating.


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i have just "found" your Mr Ron19 thread.. this shot just stood out...so much depth, emotion, effort and nature...(nice pecs too!) about to look at SJ's ..it is a bit like looking into your life.. thanks for the privledge. wai2.gif

In transit at 6.15 this morning


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Jim had the courage so I can't let him get away with that. Here I am with Abhisit ( Suthep is in the background ) during an afternoon

exercise and toilet session.Abhisit was being a pain and all he wanted to do was go and smell the nearest bush and leave his mark

but then again he is a dog I suppose.


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Ban Mai Restaurant Phitsanulok

We have been here twice in the past 3 Months and I would recommend it to anyone passing through and looking for an enjoyable meal of

Thai fare.Very well prepared and presented dishes that are nothing like you would find in a street restaurant.

According to trip adviser, a number of people have found it hard to find but I never had that problem.Be careful if you are looking for it on google

earth as it will take you to a place on the other side of town nowhere near where it is situated.

If anyone is interested,PM me and I will give you better directions



We had a number of these and I enjoyed No 4 n this page


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Pretty posh looking place, there Ron, prices look reasonable too! thumbsup.gif

There is a photo in the foyer showing the kings daughter sitting on a sofa with the owner and his wife kneeling on pillows at each side of her.

I didn't take a shot out of respect for them.

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