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Posting Guidelines And Recommended Links

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Guidelines For Posting In the Teaching in Thailand Forum:

Please read these carefully before posting in the Teaching In Thailand Forum.

1. All rules of the Thaivisa Forum (check here) apply in the Teacher's Subforum.

2. The subforum is restricted to topics related to education, teacher employment, and teaching in Thailand. Topics related to teaching in general and topics comparing teaching in other countries to teaching in Thailand are also permitted. Other topics will be moved as appropriate to other sections of ThaiVisa.

3. It is inflammatory to refer to teachers in general or groups of teachers (by age, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual preference, religion, or gender) in negative terms. It is also inflammatory to refer to the group of posters on this forum in negative terms. You may relate anecdotes about individual teachers who specifically deserve criticism in relation to some part of their identity as listed above, but such remarks should be carefully considered. The moderators reserve the right to determine if such statements about individual teachers remain on the forum.

4. No names in public, please- whether for praise or for blame, or even your own name (it's not wise). You should be careful when posting any information about another member which would indicate where he works and therefore identify him.

5. Schools may be recommended or not (check the linked threads) but "name and shame" is not permitted here. If you wish to complain about a situation at your school in detail, then please do not name it. Take your named complaints to TEFLWatch.

6. In general, we do not permit free advertising by schools for teachers. If you as an individual would like to mention a good opportunity, feel free. If your post appears too commercial it will be removed. If you wish to become a sponsor please contact a moderator or administrator for assistance.

7. You may discuss and ask questions about TEFL courses and course providers, but TEFL course comparison threads are considered flamebait and will be closely watched and probably closed.

8. Topics on the question of degrees/no degrees for teaching English or other subjects are currently restricted as they have been over-discussed and Thai government policy is not currently clear.

9. If you wish to ask about the suitability of your own qualifications, please do so in the pinned thread Questions About Qualifications. Posting these questions as individual threads gives them a short lifespan and makes the information hard to find.

10. These guidelines may change without notice and are subject to moderator decision. The decisions of moderators may deviate from these guidelines as necessary.

{Updated 21/4/2007}

11. Posters who are suspected of baiting the other members through behaviors such as:

a. Starting multiple threads without following up with posts in their previous threads

b. Starting threads with suspiciously contrived spelling and grammar errors

c. Commenting off-topic in a manner which derails threads, especially in ways which go off-topic or break other forum guidelines

may find their topics closed or themselves warned.

{Updated 06/01/2009}

12. It is at present not illegal to teach without a degree or TEFL certificate as long as one has a work permit to do so and has not misrepresented his/her educational background. Individual schools may or may not accept TEFL teachers without degrees. It is erroneous and not permitted on the forum to claim that teaching without a degree is illegal.

Thank you all for participating!

Peaceblondie & Ijustwannateach

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Some time ago, I posted this list of recommended reading in the Questions About Qualifications thread. That thread has now nearly doubled in size, and it has become difficult and cumbersome to find this information. I didn't want to crowd the pinned threads by adding another one, so I have added this information to the Policy thread here (since I believe this information is quite important for newbie posters as well as the subforum guidelines). I broke down the reading into four categories, as you'll see. I haven't updated these for awhile, so this list will be expanded shortly. I welcome user suggestions as well (please send by PM).

For being "well-spoken and articulate," we don't have that many threads (though we do kinda abuse the newbies sometimes when they appear barely literate). If you stick around you'll see what I mean sooner or later.

For the "classroom repertoire" side of things, we have a few threads (though you might want to look at more specifically TEFL-orietned websites for more of this kind of thing):

"How Do You Learn To Teach"


"A Few Helpful Links"


"Becoming a Teacher"


"Time Spent Teaching Grammar?"


"Games Games Games"


"Articles- When and How to Teach?"


"Kindergarten Games"


"Grammar Question [count./uncount.]"




"Activity Games"


"'What Use Is This?'"


For the "Classroom Management" skills we have a few threads, including:

"How Much Thai Language Do You Need (to do TEFL)?"


"Teaching In a Government School"


"Is It Possible To Teach 50 Students To Speak?"


"Corporal Punishment"


"Class Rules and Order [the Riot Act]"


"Classroom Management"


"How To Remember Student Names"


"Teaching, Basic Points"


Not to blow my own horn, but I've written a number of threads on surviving Thai management BS (and a few other people have, too! :o ) They are:

"Teaching Job Interview Checklist"


"School Contract - Legal Information Please"


"Acceptable Or Normal Workload?"


"How To Keep a TEFL Job"


"What I Would Tell My Administration (If I Could)"


"Red Tape For Teachers"


"Does A Contract Mean Anything?"


"Do You Have a Teaching License and Work Permit?"


"Teaching License, What Documents Do I Need to Provide"


The listed threads present what I believe is the best of this room of the forum on the four topics I mentioned above.


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