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  1. Micorsoft is not interested to replace the batteries.They only want us to buy a new tablet...programmed obsolescence Never anymore one of their product All the Microsoft Stores are permanently closed. Microsoft does not replace batteries, they replace the entire device with a refurb. Costs are at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/how-much-does-out-of-warranty-service-cost-for-your-surface-device-or-accessory-4c77ac8a-e8c3-d0e4-7e8a-a29f768d43ff - more info at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/how-to-get-service-for-surface-b06da716-0763-65b3-e2f2-116d9e30f877
  2. Microsoft glued the battery to the screen and don't offer a battery replacement service.After 2.5 years,battery lasts less than 2h I found on Aliexpress a battery that seems to be what I need plus a set of tools to fit it in the surface.I am not good at manual precision works. I search a computer shop wich could handle the job .battery plus fitting. (if possible in Pattaya area} I ordered on Lazada a cable to connect the power plug of the tablet to my power bank.Doesn't charge. This could be a solution too.But I don't find a shop in my area having this cable Some help would be welcome
  3. I just went out of hospital after surgery difficult to move.Can I send somebody with my passport for 90 days reporting?
  4. Thanks a lot to all the members who replied .I will first try 2 more injections of hyaluronic acid in the knee at Phyathai Sriracha (dr Arthithat).Think I will discuss about 3 injections in second knee in order to support my body correctly after surgery (arthrose in this one too
  5. Hi, Any recommandation for good surgeon/hospital would be welcome.I am near Pattaya,but not sure of the quality of local hospitals.Bangkok seems to be the best bet.
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