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  1. Not really when you consider the huge deficit in the number of foreign tourists here spending money. It can only be of benefit to Thailand to keep as many as possible in situ spending money - it’s hardly as if there’s overcrowding in this respect!
  2. It’s the untried implementation of these ill thought out protocols and the mindset behind it that leads to the country going onto Red lists - and staying there (UK) . No confidence or trust by others of Thailand’s vaccination program.
  3. Thank you for that clarification. Are you aware of any performance disadvantage for the B20 and why Isuzu (Head office issued statement) advises a set of modifications required for my 2015 truck to run on it ?
  4. Any understanding of due process?. Imagine you were arrested and before your court appearance and trial you were handed to the mob ? Actually on second thoughts probably a good idea …
  5. Well at least she’ll be used to ‘dictatorship' by now ,eh?
  6. The higher ethanol content B20 can be damaging to seals etc. Even my 2015 Isuzu would require mods (3000 baht ?) to run safely on it. I’m not sure about it’s energy content either - the new E10 gasoline(petrol) in UK that’s just been switched to gives worse consumption for that very reason. I could use B10 diesel without mods but for now I’m sticking with B7 for the extra couple of baht per litre .
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