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  1. Doing regular walking is already exercising so can people go for outdoor walks without wearing face masks? Its important exercising because corvid targets older overweight generally in a weak condition people.
  2. Also Hua Hin doesn’t have a proper beach-road so they cannot renovate and or remodeling it yearly as is the situation in Pats.
  3. Can’t blame them for not going jogging walking outdoors wearing these mandatory face diapers?
  4. Wouldn’t mind seeing the bulldozers going to WS after all what will be the purpose of these didco-bars. Make it Neo Pattaya..
  5. Will fully vaccinated people in Thailand have to walk with these face masks on for the rest of their lives?
  6. would buy a Suv with an Individual rear suspension.
  7. Is that why they keep pushing us for these insurances because they know we gonna need it?
  8. Yes simplify the process but that’s complicated here. Sell insurances at each airport no quarantines no pcr testing just proof of vaccination no face masks visa on arrival.
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