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  1. So thais don’t need to show pictures of their bedroom and their partner sit on the bed and 300 other photocopies, and statements and bla bla. What did us farangs get out of this deal??
  2. In most of Pattaya city the majority is usually walking on the right side of the (broken) pavements. Even the thais are following this unwritten rule however here are these Indians ignoring this rule completely. The result is that we have to zig zag over the pavements depending what nationality is walking towards us Any solution? How about the Indians in Pattaya City walk from now onwards on the right side of the pavement or on the mainroad ?
  3. Arrest the local who made and uploaded the picture of the (thai) child.
  4. That’s a fashionable painkiller from his dentist. locals have said that before too and got away with it.. He won’t 555
  5. Imho : the person that should be going to jail is the one who blurred her boobs !
  6. Would they make the same drama when for example a local thai pickup driver kills 3 tourists on a zebra crossing? 😁
  7. Why can foreigners in my country rape and plunder and murder without even getting extradited ?
  8. I-see hundreds of local beggars day in day out and who don’t get stopped, so what’s the problem with the foreigner? Stealing thai jobs?
  9. Thanks will check them out. did read some negative online comments this money changer but i go for a visit
  10. Yes I might try Kasikorn bank also on pattaya klang road.
  11. Need to change 200,000 Bht into euros. usually i do this at superrich in Bangkok, but this time i need to do it in Pattaya. Most money changers in Pats give poor rates does anyone knows a money changers in Pats with good rates?
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