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  1. Personally I think it's scam, yes I've done it many times. What is your problem? There's probably something far more obvious with your body that can be fixed with physical therapy, which isn't a quick fix and depends on you working with your body. Just my experience with my own problems.
  2. Whatever do you mean? look at his nice shiny watch. hardly savage.
  3. Imagine some Thai guy moves to America and gets robbed at gunpoint by some thugs at a gas station. The Thai guy goes on Thai expat social media to complain about the levels of crime in America. You would be the other Thai pro-American shill that told him to stop complaining and if you don't like it move back to Thailand. Do you understand how retarded this is?
  4. If you were to take social media at face value you would think you can simply "move" to Thailand, get a job and buy a new house anywhere in the country. Western kids are further brainwashed because this is exactly what they see the rest of the world doing in their country and they've told they're racist to question this policy. I guess people will learn the hard way but these nonsense reports of "moving to Thailand" are misleading and further confuse people.
  5. I forget but she was selling it with a friend or making it for friends at work. I guess she got bored and still had supply left over. She's a minor hoarder and if I don't step in she'll keep useless garbage for years and struggle to get rid of it. Next time I'm going to throw it away and not tell her. If it's just gone she won't care but if you confront them they really feel the loss and fight back. It's mental I know.
  6. When I was in high school I had a friend have a psychotic break on acid and he's now severely mentally ill and can not live a normal life. We all did it and my dad was ok with this (an old time hippy) but I always warn people against the stuff. Sure nothing may happen but it's not like any other drugs which unless you overdose will be fine the next day. There's some chance of permanent damage and it's simply a gamble, not about the dose, just your own body. Very scary stuff if you ask me.
  7. I hate weed with a passion makes me feel psychotic, so I refuse to use it, very simple. Hopefully it's clear to people if it doesn't agree with them and they can simply not use. Doesn't mean the rest of the people shouldn't get to enjoy it.
  8. I got in a fight with my Thai wife last week because she had packed the freezer full of old bananas she was going to make banana bread with, like 2 years ago, and I literally couldn't keep some frozen food cold which I was going to eat the following week. I told her to pitch the garbage bananas and she refused because "it's her stuff". I lost my temper and eventually she tossed them but seriously. People with hoarding tendencies are a burden to live with at times.
  9. there's so many small cities in the north and they people aren't anything like the disaster other people report in isaan. For anyone wanting to get out of cities but not suffer with the Isaan folks I would check out all those small cities like Lampang, Phayao, Chiang Dao, Tak, Mae Hong Son, Nan etc... etc...
  10. I've only been to a couple but that one was really top notch. Would recommend. Not cheap however.
  11. Cycling is perfect for Thailand. You get constant wind and when you get sweaty you're wearing tight fitting clothing anyways and it doesn't feel so bad. My only complaint in the rainy season is I can't keep the sweat out of my glasses.
  12. what's wrong with Greeks? I had a Greek landlord many years ago and he was kind of loud and brutish but still friendly.
  13. I surprised this doesn't come up more. You can't do basically anything outdoors most of the year here. Even sitting at restaurants you're sweating unless the fan is placed perfectly. Basically you stay inside during the day and come out in the morning or evenings, that's it and even so it's not comfortable. Winters in the north are nice but they go by so fast. If want that lifestyle better keep a property back home so you can escape and enjoy the summers.
  14. This young man is learning some of the lessons mentioned here in real time. The cognitive dissonance is too painful for me, both his stories and in my own life. They're great people, so friendly BUT they burn trash and everything else and smoke you out so don't live near them, they play loud bass music at all hours of the night so don't live near them, they have intercoms in the morning that wake you up at 5:30 so don't live near them, they drive like lunatics and will kill you so be careful... but they're really friendly guys! I can't make the square peg fit in the round hole. If you live with these people long enough I think you'll have a mental breakdown. Doubt this guy survives for longer than 12 months.
  15. A real sad story is the guy "Ricky in Isaan" on YouTube who had twins and his then wife died of dengue shortly after. He's now trying to raise these two babies in Chaiyaphum and is going about convincing himself how great rural Thailand is but you can hear the doubt creeping in. No idea how he plans to survive but the bar is very low and his kids will suffer for it if you ask me.
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