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  1. that's part of the process also, good days and bad days. In the end it's just a rollercoaster though so it's better to not get on in the first place.
  2. it's corrosive a process. First you hate just that one guy, then you see the patrons to his restaurant partaking also so you begin to hate them, finally you see the general population and even your family as being complicit by refusing to help or side 100% with you so you begin to hate them as well. In my experience it doesn't matter if it's irrational or not because most Thais are good people etc..., it will eventually break you down and turn you against everyone.
  3. well the risk here is that you turn against Thailand (and Thais in general) and become bitter and twisted. Happened to me and I'd hate to see others go through that.
  4. Just don't do like I did a live simmering in anger and resentment about your predicament. My bad living situations weren't as dire as yours but I literally caused years of stress and frustration by putting up with it and refusing to move.
  5. Also worth mentioning if you go the route of sabotage: Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you. - Friedrich Nietzsche.
  6. If the wife insists you must live in the house or face divorce then this another nightmare unto itself. I thought you haven't moved in yet though so hopefully you can just refuse until the problem is resolved.
  7. It may be too late but don't reveal your feelings or confront this guy in anyway until you have a viable plan for reprisal. In the worst case scenario that try to do something crazy like sabotaging his business you'll be in a much better bargaining situation if doesn't know your intentions. Take for example the guy who loses his temper with his neighbors dog and decides to poison it when the neighbor is not home. If there was ever any altercation or merely knowledge of discontent the owner of the dog would become suspicious and possibly cause the entire thing to blow up in his face
  8. I've been in similar situations myself and in retrospect I wish I would have just left after I decided it was intolerable. Since it's your wives project let her decide what to do with it and find another place to live until a solution presents itself. If your marriage is sound maybe you can move back to BKK and live alone while visiting the wife once every few months (many Thais do this). It's not a good long term solution but it's possible this resolves itself after a few years (business fails, guy gets bored and moves on etc...). Like you said life is too short for this <delet
  9. Ah, thanks. Then I assume you need to apply out of Thailand just like all other visas.
  10. Pretty sure the STV was discontinued starting in October. Can anyone confirm?
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