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  1. Why do the United knockers still keep at it? Just a blip in a long season. They won at the Iron's gaff a few weeks back didn't they? Spurs had their dodgy spell; let in three goals for three matches running. Now they are right back up there. The Gunners also started poorly too. Liverpool only took two points from six recently. Don't hear their fans shouting for a change in leadership. The one criticism I've got with United is that too many of their players seem to be simply going through the motions. Can't win every game; but can always gIve 100%
  2. Thanks for that FJ. I've watched a few of these. I'm concentrating on my little one as the first part of a learning curve. This afternoon we had it running for quarter of an hour. Not too much flow; about 7 seconds to discharge a litre. But things were not going to plan! Took off the stop valve and tested it. It was leaking. Decided to discard it. Put an extra length of 1/2 inch pipe on. Filled the tank up once again while Mildred held her hand over the inflow pipe. Turned on the outflow valve half way, Mildred took her hand away, and it was running. But a l
  3. I did cover all this Bernoulli and pressure-in-pipes stuff at Uni. Fortunately I have forgotten what I once taught. Remember the Wright Bros? They didn't get it spot on first try. Or the gun. Plenty of problems with that until John Wayne came along. I did an experiment a few years back, where I capitulated an expensive water tank. Similar sort of thing; but then I relied on science. What I need to do is work out how much pulling power the vacuum has, and I can then work everything out. Or, forget the physics and maths and just suck it and see. Trial and erro
  4. Oh ye of so little faith. I'll have it fully operational by next Owl Log. With a video too. Just have to work out the pulling power of the vacuum. Watch this space guys!!!!!!
  5. Good news about or energy-free water contraption. We got it to work for short while this evening. Have to increase the weight of the water in the outflow below the holder. Also a beefier main holder. The one in use caved in a bit. Pics and an full update next Owl Log. Tomorrow is another day of learning.
  6. Fantastic. I've also tried this. But not with 100% success like your Mrs, Gary. The one at the farm - planted from stone - should be giving fruit next year. How much? Who knows?! I'll settle for half a dozen to start with.
  7. Thought I would have two originally. One where it is now, and another at the underside of the tank. Think the valve was a little too much for the system to open. When Mildred held the valve open. it worked fine for a while, but as soon as the first air bubble went up from the outlet, there was no more draw. I screwed off the valve and adjusted the spring. Then I thought there was an air leak directly under the tank. By then it was getting dark and we adjourned for the day. Quite happy with what we learned though. Also, couldn't get all the air out at the sta
  8. I need a little upward bit of PVC. I thought I could get away with it on the first model. But once the bubbles started coming they stopped the in flow. On the main one I have a big 3 incher, one metre high.
  9. Owl Log - 14-10-2021 - Thursday evening The big storm is with us. Enough rain to stop a game of cricket for sure. But not so much that I had to put on jacket when I went out. Had a look at Bella's farm leccy set up. All told over 75k Baht for the lot. Four six by three solar panels. And inside. The guys were drinking on the roof. Bella and her mate were fishing in our pond. Only caught four little ones. I started building the water lift system today. A s
  10. I've been in Isaan for 12 years and I find it fascinating. Virtually every week there is something that I find of interest or something that surprises me, dismays me and sometimes shocks me. My wife runs four biggish farms and they too have had their ups and downs recently. This year there has been very little rain and the rice harvest was abysmal. Also, I couldn't fill the ponds up enough to risk putting in fish. I have still got 80% water in two ponds, but I've sacrificed three others to get this. A neighbor recently killed our farm dog (because it killed one of his c
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