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  1. It's Monday the 17th of June 2024. This is the Owl Log. Today was the first morning for a week I've been well enough to walk Mildred to her bus. This sprightly body of mine didn't like something. No farm for 4 days too. Must have picked up a 'nasty' from somewhere. But as they say; life must go on. Feeling much better right now. Did a really silly thing when I did go to the farm on Saturday. I loaded the last 4 sacks of leaves onto the Mazza, along with fish food, rice for the chickens and some dog biscuit for Happy. Palm farm first. Sorted out Happy with some grub, changed the solar water over to do a new section, and it was onto the paddy to chuck out the sacks of leaves. Did just that. But also the fish food sack got chucked. Dear me! Spent the next 20 minutes trying to rescue the soggy fish pellet. And by the time it was feed the fish; the pellet was no more; just a mush. So a simple task like throwing fish pellet into the ponds took ages. Hope the fish didn't get too upset having to wait. Or their change of diet. Nearly had a death on me hands. Just getting out of the paddy, after collecting the soggy fish pellet, and was just about to put me hand on a tree to drag out the sack?? If I'd put me hand on it, I would surely have hurt, or even killed it. Pond 6 has had the solar water running into it for a week now. The level is only 20cms (8 inches) below the pipes. Hope to see the water flowing from 6 to 5 when I go along later today. As long as the voltage getting to the pump is over 75+, the water will flow. This reading 77/78ish. It was all happening at 7 this morning. The poopoo wagon hard at it. And in our soi? Big Mango Lady supervising. Anyone there? Pineapple could be ready for harvest. Has gone all yellow, and flopped over. Cut it off later today. Went to the corner of number one farm to take the 3 monthly pics. The big euca by the fence has certainly put on a bit of weight. Don't think I will ever cut it. Just across the dirt track from the euca trees!? A bewildered Red fan? No! Of course not. Just another scarecrow. A fair bit of effort gone into it though. Birds are scared enough. Didn't see any around. The two houses to the far north of the village are looking good. +++++ England kick off their Euro Campaign with a comfortable win. Will be champions for sure this year. +++++ Me poorly. And the wife has not been at her peak this past week. No whackings for me. A result that, but, strangely quiet. She says she is a bit better this morning though. So I can expect a few jabs later. +++++ My two new leads have arrived. One for the acer laptop, and the other, an extension lead that incorporates both AC and UBS. That should be the end of my computer problems. +++++ Been looking to get a new compact Digital Camera. The one I quite like is the Vivitar VES529. Rechargeable. 16mpix. Can't find it for sale in Thailand so far. Tried Lazada. Would expect to pay about 2.5/3k baht. I'll keep looking. The camera on my new mobile is just not good enough. I've tried all the 200 setting combinations and,,, well,,, if not rubbish,,, then just plain poor quality results. The Vititar is just like the one I had in the UK 20 years ago. Took great pics. +++++ I see the Irish are being encouraged to come to Thailand. Heavy drinking lot they are. Loud. Take no nonsense from anyone. That's just the girls. +++++ No rain to speak of for the last 10 days. For once I'm not fretting. Water all under control with both solar systems working well. +++++ No more problems with the leccy 3-wheeler. Have two spare inner-tubes at the ready though. I've only been out on it once. +++++ Only one thing left to say; bye ya'll. +++++ Mildred's latest work, came a cropper. Almost torn in half. Patched it up best we could. Can just see the top of the tear. Painting number 89. www.mildredart.com
  2. I've not seen any. At least not any from non-compromised people.
  3. Taking over everywhere. Straights like us will be a thing of the past soon.
  4. What is it about his message that you don't like? He is a proud American. Believes in ''We the People''. Anti-genocide. Anti-nuclear war. Pro-peace and prosperity for the whole world.
  5. I think England. A 'sure thing' wager at 10/3. Put yer shorts on them. Why such a miserly price for Scotland? They just had an 'off' day against Germany. Watch them bounce back. The Germans have peaked too early.
  6. I tend to agree. Any sympathy I might have had for the Scots, went when they brought out that footy song for a world cup campaign a couple of years back. It was in South America; somewhere. ''Rink-a-dink-a-dink,,, we support the boys in pink.'' That's the only line of the song I can remember. Very catchy little number though.
  7. No dinner date for Nok last week. And she had her pieces all ready too. From now, to the start of the EPL, I'll put up some weekly footy questions. And anyone getting them right; any week,, well, brush up on yer chess gambits. But no Googling now. Only if yer don't know the answers that is. The three easy-peasee last week never got fully answered although a member got one right. First the answers to Quiz 01. 1 - These two teams met each other, home and away, in the top flight. 19 goals in the two games. A 8-4 and a 3-4. Clue;;; both teams playing in the EPL this year. What clubs? Answer was Manchester City and Leicester City. Citee won the fist match 4-3 at home. Foxes got their revenge in the return fixture; 8-4. The season 1957/58. And this was a special season for the Manchester club; first question for this week. 2 - What did Cameron Brannagan (ex-Liverpool) do in the game Gillingham v Oxford United on 20th January 2022. Result 2-7. a/ Scored 2 own goals for Oxford, and two for Gills b/ Scored 4 goals from 4 penalties ----- correct c/ Hat-trick in first 7 minutes d/ Scored 6 goals; all in second half. 3- Alex Ferguson went to Man Utd in 1986, and suffered a loss in his first game as boss. What club beat his lads? a/ Swindon Town b/ Northampton Town c/ Carlisle United d/ Oxford United ----- correct 2-0 to Oxford. Now to this weeks questions. 01 - What was special about the 1957/58 season for Manchester City? A little clue. Although finishing fifth in the league; they only scored 4 more goals than they let in. 02 - Who was manager of Celtic when they won their 100th major competition? a/ Jock Stein. b/ Brendan Rodgers c/ Neil Lennon. d/ Martin O'Neill. 03 - What club has had most defeats in FA Cup finals? a/ Everton b/ Blackburn Rovers c/ Huddersfield Town b/ Aston Villa. Easy ones this week. Nok is waiting for a knight to make his move.
  8. Not quite as cheap as that. Daughter tells me they are 199 baht each.
  9. It's Monday the 10th of June 2024 and this is the Owl Log. The biggest event of the week took place over two days; Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs Owl decided - right out of the blue it seems - that the trees at the front of the house needed trimming. I wasn't in disagreement about it. We have quite a few leccy wires at the front, and, well, best to be on the safe side. So a price was sorted with Soo and E, and away they went. Storm on the way. Grand job lads. But where is all that water coming from? A log cracked the water pipe. No problem. Soon fixed. Then it was clean up time. Yesterday, took 6 sacks of leaves and twigs to the farm. there is still another 4 or five. Do them later in the week. Just chuck them out and empty the contents. While I was in the paddy, I tided it up a bit. Back at the village the twins were having transport problems. ''Is it serious Nadille?'' ''Yes it' is. Thanks for inquiring farang. But, I have the tools to fix it.'' Nadene getting the reserve transport ready. Reliable village transport is so important these days. More crickets. Som fixing up the cricket house. Moved location. They seem happy enough. I spoke too soon about the Avoes dying. One lives on. Just about. Rice season is underway. And it looks fantastic. The ponds look great now the grass has been cut. Started utilising the cow poo poo. Run water into the sacks to get the nutrients down to the palms. These channels travel a couple of hundred metres down the palm farm. Sometimes a nice surprise. No idea, what snake it is. Didn't hurt it. Probably still there. The leaning tree is looking cool. Will it fall this year? Saw 5 piglets out and about last week. Hope to see them running about in the soi soon. They get on well with the chickens. The new building, just along from us, has seen action. Buffaloes all around the village. Three different herds. Snapped two of them. These to the east. And the northern herd. Plenty of chickens next to our house. They are not bothered by Robert and Oscar now, like they were when the dogs were little, and used to chase everything. Kun has put a new roof on his charcoal house. +++++ Won one; lost one. England's build up to the Euros taking shape. Starts next week. Or this week? +++++ Been having trouble with the computer for a couple of weeks. Think I've sussed it. It's the extension lead. I'll get a new on when in Ban Dung tomorrow. +++++ Another problem with the leccy bike. Same tyre. Took it round to the shop and put the inner-tube in. All seems OK. Good job we had one. Will get two more tomorrow. Just in case. Plenty of little drops of rain. No big storms our way. But they have had a couple in Udon. +++++ Only one thing left to say; bye ya'll; VID chogchog.mp4
  10. This is escalating. The beginning of the end of the Israel state as we know it.
  11. Clash of thinking. Peter liked 'craft'. Big Ron liked 'crash'. TBH, I can't recall him playing for United. Maybe I don't know the answer after all.
  12. Guess you are not a fan then CC. But what does he say that you do not agree with? Is it his 'peace' stance?
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