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  1. Owl Log - 02-08-2021 - Monday evening Some very sad news. Charkie died this afternoon. She had not been well for some time. Took her to the farm for burial. She had been with us for over 12 years. When she was a kitten she would sit on my shoulder as I pottered around the farm. Brought her to the village about the same time Mildred was born. vid - charkie die.mp4 Measured the two year old euca. Very nice 32cms at I metre off the ground. Back to Ban Dung today to swap Mildred's school work
  2. You are about 20km north-east of me. Everyone knows that your area gets more rain. But, please do your stuff, and I'll hope that some drifts our way. We need the same as last year. A very wet August. Not sure haw the ressies are. Don't get out and about like pre C-19 to see. If there is no 'big rain' then the dry season could be serious with the water.
  3. Has Grealish gone? Grealish and Man City attackers compared - BBC on-line Grealish Sterling Foden Mahrez Silva De Bruyne Games played 26 31 28 27 26 25 Goals 6 10 9 9 2 6 Assists 10 7 5 6 6 12 C
  4. Thanks Rhodie. Taken in November 2015 at Swampy. I didn't take it. I took this one though.
  5. Owl Log - 30-07-2021 - Friday afternoon. The cutters and croppers have been working overtime. Mildred sad she cropped 2000 little branches and I probably cut off five times that amount. The croppers rebelled and were in need of attention. Fortunately I had little bits and pieces stored away, and soon had them sorted; although one side was missing. The weed cutting guys were working on number four farm. Looks good. Weeds are heavy in places. Very heavy! But one of them got a bit close with the blade.
  6. Mrs owl said she was washing it. She never told me. There was me frantically searching for it too. The 'rat'. In 2015 I was on my way back to England. I had business to attend to, and hoped to get a bit of work. The Mrs, myself and Mildred got on the plane at Udon Thani. The plan was for Mildred and her mum to return to Udon, and I would stay at Swampy and go on from there. The ladies were to leave at about five for Don Muang. About an hour before they left, I told Mildred the plans. It really upset her, and she spent the next 30 minutes crying. We went downstairs to th
  7. I've been in Isaan for 12 years and I find it fascinating. Virtually every week there is something that I find of interest or something that surprises me, dismays me and sometimes shocks me. My wife runs four biggish farms and they too have had their ups and downs recently. This year there has been very little rain and the rice harvest was abysmal. Also, I couldn't fill the ponds up enough to risk putting in fish. I have still got 80% water in two ponds, but I've sacrificed three others to get this. A neighbor recently killed our farm dog (because it killed one of his c
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