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  1. Uncle Tu, uncle Taks, uncle Srettha, auntie Yingluck...
  2. Those people (and their colleagues in other government departments) should have a big dinner party, enjoying all that rice...
  3. Most of the towns in those 'second-tier provinces' look the same to me. Okay, there is one, or the other national park, waterfall, or 'different' temple, but for individual travellers, going there is too troublesome (not to mention the highly inflated prices for foreign tourists in regards to sights, local transportation, etc.) And I doubt that Chinese bus tourists would enjoy such long journeys. When I travel to/in Thailand, I want to see beaches, not recently built Wats in Nakhon Nowhere, 500km inland...
  4. So, you're renting a new apartment back home (for only 6 months) every time, or are you paying for two apartments while in Thailand? Would never work in my home country, as it is close to impossible nowadays to find apartments for rent in the big cities.
  5. Thailand - The Hub for the Oldest Rice in the World (You're welcome, TAT... 😆)
  6. Glad to hear that he got a work permit for this kind of work.
  7. True. Are we going to hear about that every other day now? - "Last week, Nigel from Croydon, as well as Ross and Mikey from New Jersey arrived in Thailand to start a new life. They don't have much money, and no idea what to expect, but we wish them well..." 😆
  8. Not the same. Correct me, if I'm wrong, but New Zealanders can work (in any job) in Australia. And there are many vacancies (with higher salaries) there, and living costs are, in fact, lower. (Esp. if you come from a small town, where the only local supermarket is a Four Square. - NZ milk and other dairy products are actually way cheaper in China than they are in New Zealand.)
  9. I once, jokingly, said to my then girlfriend that it would be very easy to get her to my home country and set her up. All she would have to do is arrive at the border, throw away her Thai passport, speak in a dialect, and mumble the word 'asylum'...
  10. Lots of videos on YouTube now how "cheap" Thailand is. People back home watch it, and believe everything. However, these are mostly single guys in the clips, possibly with enough savings, but without a family to support, childcare to pay, or hospital bills for their kids. I wish her good luck, but also would be surprised if she was still around in a year from now. And yes, 'hanging around in the tropics for a year' will look good on her CV once she returns home. I remember meeting a woman like her, from France, with a son, more than 20 years ago, travelling around Malaysia. She had her dole transferred to her from Paris, and the authorities actually had encouraged her to move abroad, as they could pay her lower unemployment benefits that way. Does Britain pay dole to people overseas?
  11. At least you can get a job or be on the dole. In Thailand, as a foreigner, without cash, you will end up like the homeless guy on Sukhumvit near Asoke.
  12. Hope, they really love hot weather then, cause what they save in heating costs, they will easily pay for air-conditioning.
  13. More retired rich people who can afford moving to developing countries... No, wait! 😆
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