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  1. You can try buying it. Don't be surprised to see very confused faces, if outside the Mom&Pop shops.
  2. Yes, and Thailand is also very popular with Laotian tourists, it seems.
  3. Tourists from Scandinavia are being asked to 'keep warm', and to avoid being out during the colder nighttime hours. Firewood will be provided for heating purposes if needed.
  4. Perhaps they don't want people to get the visa abroad, but try to convince them to get extensions in country.
  5. And charge them at inflated prices. The same medicines you can buy at a pharmacy at a fraction of the hospital price.
  6. It's the typical Thai greed... Two years almost no tourists, so they have to fleece the ones who come after to make up for the shortfall. Maybe next, instead of 40 million tourists, they will try to attract 4,000 billionaires, paying a million baht entrance fee when arriving in Thailand. Good luck with that, Thailand!
  7. In the article it reads like it is a given. However, both, tourist numbers, and number of applicants for this visa may be way below officials' expectations. Still a chance that they'll do a U-turn...
  8. I take it, in case of being ill, you have to foot the bill first, before trying to recover the hospital bill from the insurance firm? - Who in their right mind will pay a lot for such an insurance, and still having to pay when sick, with no guarantee that he will get his money reimbursed. With these new conditions, this is a visa now which I will never apply for.
  9. "According to the Thai Immigration Bureau and the Department of Consular Affairs, 3,768 foreigners were granted non-immigrant visas last and this year." Guess, they won't get many more applicants anytime soon.
  10. At the same time, some people who got fully vaccinated, cannot get the Malaysia vaccination app to show their vaccination status...
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