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  1. I suspect many IO's are oblivious to the new system (see my post above) and are still using the old one. The old system is still there and working, may be an option for some. Worked for me. New system Pending since 4th Dec
  2. So today I see there are 2 working 90 day websites. On the 4th I registered and got access, completed an application and saw status is at Pending. Still at Pending this morning, I called my IO (as I usually do to move the status to Approved), gave them my passport number but she told me she could not see anything for me. I was to call back later while she checked. I opened the old system out of curiosity, and lo and behold I got to the Pending status here too. I called back, she checked again and after a few minutes, approved my application. I downloaded the Next Appointment form it generates so I now have a new date in March. In the meantime as I type the new application is still Pending. This leads me to believe my IO did not get the memo about a new system and are still updating the old one. If the new one finally gets approved, I will get a new, new appointment slip which should have the same date, so I am not too bothered now. Job done for another 90 days.
  3. Kanchanaburi, small, friendly and very efficient. Never had a problem. My latest TM30 is always in my passport but I can't tell if they look at it or not - maybe I will take it out next time and see if they ask for it? ???? The TM30 is done in another building by different staff so it's possible the IO's don't give a jot about it. I only found out recently that this small TM30 office can issue certificates of residence for driving licence etc. Last time I renewed drivers licence I had to go to Bangkok to the UK Embassy for one! Always learning.
  4. I am aware of this and this has come up in the forums before. Each time I visit the office I ask if it's still a requirement and each time they say a big Yes. Asked last week while I got my renewal, no change. Now my choice is to stop doing them and see what happens but for the sake of peace of mind and avoidance of a fine, I will continue to report, as, as I said it's not a major inconvenience. They still insist on my wife as 'landlord' being present too. Just another example of the inconsistency from office to office.
  5. Too many to read all posts but I am sure my views have already been expressed. If I wanted to move out of Thailand it would not be because of onerous admin for renewing a retirement extension, as quite simply, it's not onerous. Last week I renewed for another year, in and out my IO in 40 minutes. Sure you have to prepare. I set a reminder in my phone to start paper-collecting about 4 weeks before my expiry date. I start with copies of stuff tht hasn't changed then arrange for new photos, a medical and last but not least the on-the-day bank letter for the 800k proof. I see many have a fair trek to their IO but as mine is 170 km there and back it should be a pain but again isn't as I only have to go in person once a year for the renewal. If I take a break in say Pattaya or Hua Hin they stil want a TM30 which I do on my way home as if I go anywhere it means almost passing the office. 90 days done online for 5 years with a few exceptions when I had a new passport. If you are retired the time spent on this not really a lot in my view. I suspect other reasons for a departure. For the OP good luck and I hope the grass is actually greener in your new home.
  6. Yes, August 2019, no one in my line in front was asked. Maybe on the blink. I motioned to the officer but he just waved me on.
  7. Agree this would be impossible, and would imply a member of the RTP was deployed at every airport with departures to Thaiand. On a more realistic interpretation maybe they get advance passenger lists sent before departure, but even the process of checking before arrival would be a struggle too, operationally. Probably best to vet arrivals as now (or better than now). Pre-covid the last few times I passed through swampy no one asked me to use the fingerprint machines.
  8. 10 years ago I had angina and duly received 3 stents and a prescription for a beta blocker, blood pressure meds and a strong recommendation of an aspirin a day. I was later put on statins for colesterol and metformin for diabetes. About 3 years ago I used a keto diet to kick diabetes into remission and weaned myself off the metformin and later, the statins. I recall a Dr Berg video showing how the original claims by statin pharma that they could reduce the likelihood of an event by 38%, but since then the numbers were exposed as plain wrong and the risk reduction was shown to be around 3%. I then attempted to come of the blood pressure meds but my daily records showed it creeping up so now I am on the original 3 meds, aspirin (80mg), BP and beta bocker. I don't have any ill effects from these, but I am not sure I would take them if I hadn't had angina. I will carry on with them for now, but watch for new recommendations. Things are everchanging.
  9. Saltire

    Banana chips

    Thanks, here's a song just for the OP from my favourite Japanese girl punk band.
  10. This is pretty much what is happening in my village now. After trying hard to get any vaccine for months, I finally got to join the first group of locals for SV/AZ 4 weeks ago. They had provision for 1000 jabs but as it turned out, I was number 179 and they would be lucky to have had 50 more that day, Now, mainly due to all the returners from Bangkok, Pattaya etc there is a local outbreak and the subsequent vax days are over subscribed. I'd rather be a bit sick from a vaccine than a whole lot sicker from Covid. Incidentally, 66, 3 stents 10 years ago, type 2 diabetic 10 years - no side effects from both jabs. I see OP's gf has relented, good news.
  11. Just for the record, (I don't need this monthly transfer option), I use the 800k in the bank, but if I did I would have to change my bank from Krung Thai as no Wise transfer using the 'long stay' option has ever appeared in my bank book as a foreign transfer, it simply states 'transfer'.
  12. 555 Or alternatively switch the ability to give birth from women to men - same result ????
  13. If your will is a Thai will and you are specific as to where you wish the monies in all your accounts should go, your executor/lawyer will go to probate court and about 2 to 4 weeks later the money should be released. At least this is what I am told by my Thai lawyer. I have a separate UK will. Also (not planning on an ealry demise) but with 1m in my KTB account, when I bring money over now I do a local transfer to the wifes KTB account. With Covid I find myself able to save a reasonable monthly amount. She will have enough to tide her over till that 800k+ account is released to her.
  14. Ha I had to google it too Your Mileage May Vary i.e. you may have a different opinion.
  15. I did mine on Saturday with no problems. Called them on Monday and changed status from Pending to Approved on the phone, as they usually do. Coulld be dependant on your Imm Office, or other factors like did you get a new extension, or a new passport since the last one?
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