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  1. There been many previous discussion threads on this topic - mostly quite interesting. I looked into the topic a few years back when I was considering bringing my elderly mother here to live (which didn't ever happen). I looked at a few places in/near Chiang Mai. One place sticks in my mind (name forgotten, sorry) but my first impression was quite positive. Then I went into serious review mode and would subsequently describe it as a place designed and built by someone who has only seen fancy magazine articles on western aged care home, but had never worked in one. So caution here, folks. Things like slip or trip hazards, switches that couldn't be reached, steps instead of ramps, etc, etc. Someone in a wheelchair for example, would simply not have been able to get around the facility. Someone with dementia could just walk out of the facility and down the road, etc etc. Maybe in a few years time they will get it right ... and then it could be fantastic
  2. Interested to see this as I am now going through this process in Brisbane, Australia. It is much more drawn out and time consuming than what I had imagined, and I have four more appointments before I'm finished. Note that some steps have to have 2-3 months pauses to allow for healing. The price is higher than the prices noted in this thread (in CNX), but not vastly more. (NB: I have basic gov't medical called Medicare, but not private health insurance). The order of appointments is roughly as follows: 1. Consultation and check-over to confirm implant is possible/suitable (and get xray/scan) 2. Removal of tooth that can't be repaired 3. Check that tooth extraction has healed well and get first check over by the guy who will build the new tooth 4. Drill jaw and install titanium fitting 5. Get xray/scan to ensure all is good with jaw healing (density ok and no infection) 6/7. One doc builds the tooth and the other one installs it 8. Final check of the job to make sure no problems
  3. Hi. I looked into this issue a bit a while back, before my mum passed away. Here is one item I wrote, with a couple more in my blog. Anyway, with any luck there might be something useful there https://www.aust-thai.com/blog/uncategorized/government-to-further-impinge-on-the-rights-of-pensioners-to-travel-or-live-overseas/
  4. Interesting to see several people who only needed one eye treated, like myself. In my case they suggested that the second eye would probably need doing within 2-3 years. More than 10 years later I think that eye is actually better than it was, rather than worse (?) No-one has said anything about related pain/discomfort. Relax, because unless I got off lucky then there is virtually none. In fact I found the twilight anesthesia to be not unpleasant at all ... akin to lying on your back on a raft whilst floating down a river.
  5. Interesting topic. I looked into it a bit and wrote some papers about it a while ago - here is one of them: https://www.aust-thai.com/blog/uncategorized/government-to-further-impinge-on-the-rights-of-pensioners-to-travel-or-live-overseas/
  6. Some interesting comments in this thread already. Fascinating how people's view of a place changes and some then move on - hopefully to a more fulfilling alternative. Would be interested to hear where people successfully move on to after Chiang Mai (and which places worked or didn't work) and if there are any common trends. I'm most likely to move back to CNX when my current life chapter concludes, and it will be interesting to see how I find the place now. Where I currently live is the sort of place that many dream of moving to (think touristy tropical resort setting). Yet so many who move here become disillusioned and often separated/divorced. So many arrive thinking that they will stay here forever - that life will be different/better - but then only last a few years (for one or more fairly common reasons).
  7. Hey, good luck with the book hunt. Is it worth looking in the Suriwong Book Centre? I wrote one on the same/similar topic ... https://silkwormbooks.com/products/your-investment-guide-to-thailand
  8. Wow, there's a lot of great pics there
  9. Thanks Des, Yes I found that website and emailed them before I posted here. Unsurprisingly ... I didn't get any reply. It's reassuring how some things never change. But I'm still no closer to finding this guy. It was a good BBQ too. I did sausage sizzles and I had lamingtons with cream for sale for dessert. It was a breakfast of champions
  10. Hi guys/gals This is a long-shot but I'll give it a go anyway. A bit over 10 years ago there was a farang guy who ran a BBQ shop in CNX. It could have been Barbeques Galore or BBQ Thai - something like that. I met him as I wanted to borrow a BBQ to have a stall at one of those Chiang Mai CityLife magazine annual markets. Anyway he kindly lent me one which I collected from his home near Wat Umong (?). Anyway I wanted to have a chat to him about something but can't find any contact details. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance if you can. (PS: I'd also be interested to hear about available real estate in the Wat Umong general area.)
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