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  1. Thailand opened their arms for the Viet military for their R&R......maybe he forgot that!
  2. So just who do you think bought up the land along the HS rail links....the land in the EEC....? A hint might be people in green uniforms....Thaksins land purchase was minuscule by comparison!
  3. You would have to be crazy working like that..... very strict training for rope workers is mandatory everywhere.. However, there must have been back-up safety equipment/rope being used and the guy didn't fall.....from what I can understand. In any case....there should have been a proper platform for these guys....26 floors up hanging on ropes doesn't pass my test!
  4. Hillarious......" law enforcement “looking the other way” .......they never look the other way except when rewards are forthcoming!
  5. That was the original plan....but there has been an announcement in todays' media that the government will cover this....but it's Thursday...wait 'till Monday!
  6. Yes...Malaysia does seem to be the best SE Asian nation for foreigners to retire to....far simpler than Thailand.....and they speak English
  7. There is much more chance of an infection from the taxi driver at the airport....10,000+ cases each day...that's the cases reported only and 100 deaths each day...... Travellers to Thailand will need to walk around in a bubble, 'cos it's easy to see where the danger really is...and it ain't the travellers!
  8. How dare a dirty farang comment on Bangkok cabling! The fact that the MEA allows their poles to be used in this manner, should just be ignored!
  9. This gives the world an idea of the ideology here.....plane loads of tourists chomping at the bit to hop on the flights after Nov 1.
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